Known Incompatibilities with Siris and ShadowSnap


1. Background 

This article discusses known hardware incompatibilities with the SIRIS product as well as the ShadowSnap software.

2. Hardware Level: Bare Metal Restores

  • RAIDs are not explicitly supported for the network BMR. They need to be configured ahead of time.
    • From the Network BMR Partitioning page: 
      • This partition editor supports only MBR partitioning schemes.
      • If you wish, you may SSH into the machine to set up an advanced partition scheme, such as one involving LVM, software RAID, or disk encryption.
      • On a later page, you will be given the option to map source volumes in the backup to destination partitions.
  • Restoring to a machine utilizing a BroadCom NetExtreme II adapter is a known conflict.
    • A small glitch in the NIC firmware causes connections to time out when established from the Datto device to the destination.
    • The BMR establishes itself over a TFTP connection. Any interruption in a TFTP connection will cause the connection to be severed.
    • Updates to the NIC drivers do not have an effect.
    • This can be attempted on the physical machines.
    • Clients that are running BMR's to machines with these network adapters should perform a separate ShadowProtect backup.
    • Instructions for this method of restore can be found here.
  • The USB BMR may provide a workaround for this issue.
  • We are aware of issues performing restores on newer Lenovo servers. Lenovo servers do not currently support the ability to boot any Ubuntu Live CD and may not work with the USB BMR.

2.1 Hardware Level: Laptops

  • Datto does not officially endorse backing up laptops with the ShadowSnap software due to the mobile nature of the backups and troubleshooting that is necessary. Attempts to do so are at your own discretion.
  • There is a known issue with the Synaptics Touchpad Driver and the VirtualBox Guest Additions software.
    • Older versions of the driver can cause a BSOD of the laptop itself.
    • Synaptics Touchpad Driver Version - 9/15/11 is compatible.
    • Subsequent versions are able to accept the ShadowSnap installer.

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