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This article goes in detail about the different terms used on the Manage Recovery Points page in the web interface of a SIRIS, ALTO, or Datto NAS device. 


Recovery points are backups points of the protected machine. For more information about the Remote Web: Manage Recovery Points, check out the following article:

Recovery Points Terminology

Cloud Storage Used: The amount of space that the protected machine's data is taking up in the cloud. This may be less than expected due to data compression.

Local Storage Used: The total amount of disk space this agent is taking up on the device. This may be less than expected because the data is compressed.

Protected Size: The total amount of data that is protected for the latest backup. This number shows the data uncompressed.

Local Base Size: The amount of data in the current base. In this case, "base" refers to the latest backup in the chain, e.g. the live dataset. This potentially may be less than expected because the data is compressed.

Total Incremental Use: The amount of space used from storing each recovery point. This potentially may be less than expected because the data is compressed.

New Data Protected: The amount of new data received for this backup job. This may be more than expected because it contains all of the data necessary to restore a backup point. This number is uncompressed because we want to show the data as close to "how much changed since the last time" as possible. The number does not represent used space on the device.

Pending Recovery Points

When talking about pending recovery points, those are the backup points waiting to be synced offsite.  

Cause of Pending Recovery Points

Datto's replication technology allows for incremental data to be sent ahead of a base image to allow for faster processing in the cloud. The points will remain inaccessible until the base image has been finalized in the cloud.

On the Manage Recovery Points page, it shows the progress and the sending behavior of different snapshots going offsite.

On the Partner Portal, this also shows points pending on the snapshot list when each agent is selected. There may be pending points that occur before a base image. Those points will be available for recovery as soon as they are fully received and added back into the snapshot chain. 

Recovery Points

Misconceptions of Pending Recovery Points

Recovery points listed in the web interface do not represent used space on the device, only the size of the incremental image file transferred to create a recovery point.

Recovery points are a good measure of data change on the protected system, but not of space added to the dataset.

The amount of space used relative to the data transferred depends on how well the incremental ShadowProtect writes matches with the backup chain.

In the worst case scenario, if a protected server experiences an unexpected shutdown or severe backup writer conflict, the chain must be restarted with a new full backup.

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