Performing a Local Archive Using a DattoNAS, SIRIS, ALTO Device with the RoundTrip Wizard


1. Background

This article discusses archiving ShadowSnap/NAS share backups to an external drive using the RoundTrip Wizard. The wizard is accessible in the Synchronize tab of the local device web interface.

2. Using your own external drive

Using the RoundTrip Wizard for your archive will completely erase the contents of your external drive. Back up any important data on your external drive before using the RoundTrip Wizard.

Your drive must be healthy to successfully complete a local archive. It should not have mechanical or disk defects.

Choosing to encrypt the contents of your drive can cause serious delays or completely compromise the ability to access your data. Do not check the Encrypt Drive option when processing a local archive.

To select all points in a backup chain for local archiving:
1. Select Advanced Options
2. On the Advanced Options screen for each desired agent:
        a) double-click padlock icon to unlock the selection
        b) click the bottom-most point
        c) click the top-most point

3. Accessing Data

The RoundTrip Wizard will format your external drive with a ZFS file system. The data will reside in a ZFS storage pool with any snapshots that you selected (or all current snapshots, if you chose to sync the entire agent/share).

To access your data stored in the ZFS storage pool, contact Datto Technical Support. The archive drive must be plugged into a compatible Datto device.

Groups of compatible Datto units for mounting archived drives:

  • Group 1: SIRIS Business, SIRIS Professional, SIRIS Enterprise, Datto NAS, ALTO 2, ALTO XL
  • Group 2: SIRIS 1, G-Series with OS 2.x

ALTO 1 archive drives are only compatible with other ALTO 1 devices. G-Series with OS 2.x devices do not ship with the local archive functionality but can mount SIRIS 1 archive drives.

Contact support in advance if you need to recover data using a device from a different Datto product family (e.g. SIRIS to ALTO). It is not possible to mount data for recovery between devices belonging to different groups listed above.

4. Recovering an encrypted archive

If you selected to encrypt your drive when using the RoundTrip wizard (not recommended for local archives), you must plug the drive into the same Datto device where the data originated.

Recovering or migrating data from local archives created with the RoundTrip Wizard onto third party devices using ZFS is not supported.

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