Can I configure my Backupify for Google Apps account to automatically add users as I add them to Google Apps?


Yes. We do offer the ability to auto-add users for most Google Apps domain accounts. If you set your account to auto-add your users from Google Apps, then we run a job once a day to check if you have any new users in your Google Apps domain. If you do then we automatically add that user to Backupify and start their backups right away.

We also allow you to turn on auto-add for specific Organizational Units (OUs) only as well. This can be configured from the Account Settings section of the application.

To set your domain account to auto-add users, please do the following:
1) log in to your Backupify admin account for your domain
2) go to the 'accounts - domain settings' page
3) select 'Automatically add new accounts to Backupify' and then click Save

Please keep in mind that if you set the auto-add user setting then your billing will also be increased automatically for each user added.


To contact Backupify support, please click here to submit a Support Request, or give us a call at 1-800-518-7449.

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