Can I stop a specific Google service from backing up?


By default, we backup all 5 Google services (Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Sites) for every user that you add to Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection.

If you do not use one of the Google services, or do not wish to back it up for some reason, you can request us to remove backups for this service across all users in your domain. For example, if you do not use Google Calendar, you can request that we disable Calendar for all users in your domain. This rule will also apply to any new users added to the account.

If you would like to choose to only back up certain services, then please log a request with Support to customize which services your domain has backed up.

If you do not want to backup certain Google Apps services, and remove these services from my account to save quota space, a Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection Support Representative can remove whichever Google backup services you want. Once we remove a backup service across your entire Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection account any data that was previously backed up for that service will be lost. As a result we recommend downloading an export of this data if you think you might need it in the future. Once a backup service is removed the service icon will no longer appear on each user's list of services in Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection and any storage quota that was being used to store backups for those services will be freed up. 

Note: We cannot disable a service for one specific user, set of users, subdomain, or Organizational Unit (OU)


To contact Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection support, click here to submit a Support Request, or click here for more contact options.

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