What is a Full Domain Export?

This process applies only to Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection 1.0 accounts.

How do I request an export?

A customer can request a full domain export via Sales or Support. The request should eventually go through the Support team. They will ensure the customer has paid before starting the export process.

Is there a limit on the amount (storage) of data that can be exported?

Yes, currently we recommend accounts with less than 3 TB use this feature to export their account’s data. 

How much does it cost?

The cost is $1/GB.  Contact support to find out how many GB you currently have archived.

How can I pay for this?

If you foresee doing exports on a regular basis, then you add this into your contract up front. Otherwise, you can be invoiced before we kick off an export.

Who can request an export on my domain?

Only the primary admin on your domain can request a domain export.

What is the format of the export?

The export is formatted the same as if you requested an export of each service. So mbox for Gmail, various file types tarred up for Drive (in their appropriate folders), etc. 

Can I see the progress that’s being made on my export?

Not at this time.  You’ll receive an email when the export is complete.

How long will it take for the export to complete?

Depending on the volume of data in your backup, the export may take a few hours to several days to complete.  If you haven’t received an email 3 days after requesting the export, please contact support.

How frequently I can request an export?

Full Domain Exports can be requested as frequently as monthly.

Can I request for all subdomains or specify a particular subdomain?

You can request an export of all your domains or just a particular subdomain. 

Can I request just for particular users or services?

No, this is an export of everything.

Can I get a regular automatic export every X months?

Not at this time.  Full Domain Exports are only performed on-demand.

Can I request an export from a certain point in time or only the changes from a particular time period?

No, the export will show everything in your backup up until the day it was exported. 

How do I retrieve my export?

Once your export is complete, support will send you an email with a list of links to download your export.  The email will include a text file with a list of links.  The links go to individual user/service zip files.  Support will provide you with instructions on how to use a download manager to easily download all of the data from the links.

If you have concerns about this approach, please contact us and we can explore other data delivery methods.

How secure is the export?  Is it password protected?

Before you download the export it is protected by S3 access controls.  

Support will encrypt the file containing the download links before emailing it to you.  This way, the content is not exposed in plain text at any time. Once you receive the file, Support will contact you via phone to supply you with the password to open the file.

The actual download is HTTPS in transmission.

How long is my export available for download?

Exports are available for 30 days. 

What type of errors can I expect?

In addition to the text file with links to your export, you will receive an error file.  This file enumerates any errors that were encountered during the export.  Errors may be due to network connectivity or database issues.  Support can help you with these.

What do I do if there are failures in my export?

If you do have any failures reported in your export then you can log in to Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection for Google Apps and manually try to run the export for the user's service that had failures. Sometimes re-running it will clear up any previous failures. Otherwise, please contact Support for more details on the failures that you received.

What do I do if I'm having trouble downloading my exports?

Head here.

Can I get the full domain export data sent me by mail on a hard drive?

Yes! Please contact Support for more details.
To contact Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection support, click here to submit a Support Request, or click here for more contact options.

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