Gmail: Limitations on amount of data backed up over IMAP per day


If you have activated your account a few days ago but the total backup size is still less than the size of your Gmail account then most likely we are still in the process of backing up your entire Gmail account.

Depending on the size of your Gmail account, it can take several days to backup the entire account. We have to limit the amount of Gmail backups to about 1.5GB per day that we can bring over to Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection for Google Apps due to restrictions that Google imposes.

Google restricts the amount of data that can be accessed via IMAP per account per day and if that data threshold is crossed then Google can cut off IMAP access for your account. Due to this restriction we throttle our backups to only pull about 1.5GB of emails records per day per Gmail account. So, for larger Gmail accounts it can take days for the initial Gmail backup to complete.

This is not ideal but it is Google's policy and there is nothing we can do to get around it and backup everything in 1 job. If we could pull the user's full mail box in 1 job then we would. Once the initial backup finally completes then the subsequent incremental jobs will complete much faster as they are only pulling over new and updated records from you account; that is assuming you have less than 1.5GB of new emails per day.

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