SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Cloud data usage explained



This article explains how Datto stores data in the cloud.


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO
  • Datto NAS


Datto SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS, use proprietary Inverse Chain Technology to take snapshot backups and retain archival data. The length of time that Datto retains these archival backups depends on the device's Cloud Billing Policy agreement. If you have questions in regards to your current cloud billing methods for any of your devices, you can contact your Datto Sales Executive for assistance.

Cloud Storage Details

The SIRIS, ALTO, and Datto NAS devices all provide archival storage of data in the cloud. This storage provides extra insurance against data loss: Even if data gets deleted from a SIRIS device, the data may still exist in the cloud, for a period determined by the device's Cloud Billing Policy.

Cloud Retention Settings

You set the cloud retention options for a device during initial deployment. To change these settings afterward, connect to the Datto from the web interface. Click on an agent, and go to the Offsite Retention section. Choose Offsite Retention options from the list on the left. To save these settings to the agent, you selected, click the Apply button. To apply the settings to all of the agents on the Datto device click the Apply To All button.

Figure 1: Offsite Retention Settings (click to enlarge)

Data Pruning

You may want to prune your cloud data for any of these reasons:

  • Decommission a device or agent
  • Re-purpose a device for another client
  • Avoid getting billed for going over your cloud data limit, if applicable 

Submitting a Prune Request

You can submit a prune request by submitting our online form. Simply follow the instructions given on the form. Please be as specific as possible as to what we need to prune and the reason for pruning. If you have questions about your cloud data usage, contact Datto Technical Support. We can provide a full summary of your data and cloud retention settings and guide you through the process of submitting a prune request, if necessary.

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