Reverse RoundTrip (revRT) process; physical data retrieval from cloud



This article describes the processes associated with retrieving data from the Datto Cloud through replication to a storage unit (either provided by Datto or the partner) that is shipped to a location of the partner’s choosing.


Important information

Reverse RoundTrips are a paid service. Service fees for syncing as well as replacement fees for lost and kept drives are detailed below. These fees are waived in a disaster recovery scenario.

If you are curious about the actual cost of a reverse RoundTrip, please reach out to sales or request a Reverse RoundTrip from support. Either team can provide more accurate pricing and guidance for your needs.

Ask Tech Support if a Reverse RoundTrip is the best solution for you.  In the context of an offsite virtualization, often a Reverse Send is a faster method.  A Reverse Send is a manual process by which Tech Support will send the incrementally changed data from the offsite server down to your device.

Ordering a Reverse RoundTrip

To order a Reverse RoundTrip, use the Reverse RoundTrip Request Form
This form is used to gather specifics about the data to be retrieved and logistics. Submitting the form creates a Tech Support ticket with all of information below:

Desired file format

ZFS (Datto devices)
ZFS is the smallest format, and is much quicker than the alternatives. It is also the native format in which our data is housed, both locally and offsite.

  • It allows any type of restore when connected to a Datto device when sent as a USB drive, and is a standalone solution when sent on a NAS device, making it by far the most versatile RoundTrip
  • ZFS has the advantage of only storing the delta (data change) of each recovery point. This means, if you request 3 points with 200GB, 225GB, and 275GB of space consumed, then you will need a Reverse RoundTrip for about 300GB of data.
  • We highly recommend this option, as it reduces time, money, and effort for all parties.

NTFS (Windows)
NTFS is much larger, and will consume the full amount of space each snapshot takes up per snapshot.

  • This means that, if you request 3 points with 200GB, 225GB and 275GB of space consumed, you will need a reverse roundtrip unit for about 900GB of data.
  • NTFS' advantage is it allows direct plug-and-play for Windows operating systems.
  • This can be a file directory/browsable folder type or an export type (see below)

EXT4 (Linux)
EXT4 is exactly like NTFS, only for Linux filesystems rather than Windows.

Image export
Image exports can be sent on any of the above options, and contain full disk images rather than a file directory structure.

  • This is the "largest" restore option, and as such will typically cost the most (unless done as a local image export in ZFS format)
  • It is advantageous when restoring to a hypervisor

ZFS, NTFS and EXT4 Reverse RoundTrips under 8TB in size can use USB drives. Reverse RoundTrips over 8TB requires ZFS format and will be sent on a NAS device.

Other parameters

  • Desired snapshot date range: Specify the most resent snapshot, a specific snapshot, or a range of snapshots.
  • Source of snapshots
    • For an estimate of space needed, run an Offsite Audit Report.
    • ZFS data will be the "size" of each dataset.
    • NTFS/EXT4 data will be the total volume size of each dataset, per snapshot
  • Shipping Details: The location to which the RT will be sent once the data has been synced.
  • Partner Technical Contact Info
  • Specific instructions (recover a specific file, make multiple copies, etc.)
  • Party providing the RoundTrip unit (either Datto or the partner supplying their own storage appliance)


  1. Technical Support sees the ticket and reaches out to the partner for a brief consultation.
    This is done to validate/ perform a "sanity check" on the request to make sure it will meet the needs of the partner. For example, partners that are less technical may need guidance when it comes to the implications of file formatting/snapshot date ranges on the size output of the Reverse RoundTrip.

  2. Tech Support verifies that all the technical and logistical information required to execute the partner’s request is provided.
    If the partner decides to forego the standard process by providing their own storage unit, then the partner must update the support ticket with the tracking number so Cloud Support can let RoundTrip Support know to expect the package.

    If partner is providing their own storage unit to facilitate the physical transport of the data, then they need to ship their unit to the corresponding data center for their location (see below).  Datto is not responsible for costs incurred in shipping partner-provided units to the data centers.


USA Partners

ATTN: Datto RoundTrip Dept.
DirectLink Technologies Center, Inc.
2561 Bernville Road
Reading, PA 19605

Datto EMEA

RoundTrip Team
28 Britten Road

Canadian Partners

ATTN: Datto RoundTrip Dept.
Datto, Inc.
5900 Finch Avenue East
Toronto, ON M1B5X7

Australian/NZ Partners

ATTN: Datto RoundTrip Dept.
Equinx SY3 IBX Data Center
47 Bourke Rd Alexandria
Sydney, Australia NSW 2015

  1. Tech Support engages Cloud Support
    After preliminary setup, Cloud Support synchronizes the data as requested. Cloud will provide an estimated cost for the Reverse RoundTrip and do a final check on all information. The table below outlines the time frames in which partners can expect these data syncs to complete:

Estimated time to complete Reverse RoundTrip sync

  1. RoundTrip Support ships the RoundTrip unit  
    The Reverse RoundTrip unit is shipped to the address initially provided on the request form. All shipments are made using FedEx Overnight. Make sure that you keep everything in the box, especially the Datto-provided return shipping label 

[Unboxing a 2TB Reverse RoundTrip]

  1. RoundTrip Operations bills for syncing service fees
    After the drive has been shipped, RoundTrip Operations bills the partner for the service fees. This charge is for the data amount synced to the RoundTrip device, not the size of the device. $50 for first 2TB block of data synced, and $50 for each additional 1TB block of data synced.
  • Syncing 0.1TB - 2.0TB costs $50
  • Syncing 2.1TB - 3.0TB would cost $100
  • Syncing 3.1TB - 4.0TB would cost $150, etc.

The actual invoice is submitted as Awaiting Reseller Approval in the Partner Portal, so partners can associate a credit card with the invoice in the checkout cart

6. You have the option to sync data back to the Datto appliance Technical Support can assist in syncing the Reverse RoundTrip data back to a Datto appliance. If the RoundTrip contains snapshots that are formatted in ZFS, the dataset on the RoundTrip can be merged into the existing ZFS dataset on the Datto appliance.

If agent/share encryption is in use, and encrypted agent data is being restored from our cloud servers, the process is similar. However, prior to repairing agent communication after the sync, Datto downloads algorithm information to the appliance, allowing you to enter the encryption passphrase. Once this has been done, and the agent is paired, backups can be resumed.

7.Partner either returns revRT unit to Datto, or pays to keep/ replace it
When returning a revRT to Datto, partners must use the original packaging in which it was shipped. This consists of the box, packing foam & materials, USB data transfer cables, and power supply (if applicable). If the partner either loses or wishes to keep the revRT unit for archival purposes, then they pay the replacement fee (see table below).

Partners must return revRT unit within fourteen (14) days of delivery of the drive to the specified address. If a revRT unit has not been returned within four weeks (28 days) of delivery, the drive will be deemed late and Datto will send notification to have the drive returned in a timely fashion.  If a Partner does not return a revRT unit within eight weeks (56 days) of delivery of the drive, the Partner will be responsible for the full replacement cost of the revRT.  RoundTrip Operations bills the partner for the replacement fees.


RoundTrip device replacement fees

If you are keeping the Reverse RoundTrip for archival purposes and discontinuing service with Datto:

  • Upon discontinuing your service with Datto, you will no longer receive any support for restore operations using the reverse roundtrip unit. For this reason, we recommend purchasing a NAS unit for the reverse roundtrip, as it will ship to you with a full UI allowing you to restore as necessary. This functionality includes:
    • Networking configuration
    • Advanced device settings, including health of the NAS unit
    • File restore
    • Bare metal restore
    • Image export, including VHD and VMDK formats
    • iSCSI restore (iSCSI NAS shares only)
  • We recommend that you verify all contents and functionality of the Reverse RoundTrip unit BEFORE discontinuing service.


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