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Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection for Google Apps REST API FAQ


In 2015, we announced Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection's integration with Google’s new REST API. With the new REST API, users do not need to be enabled with IMAP in order to access their data. This means administrators can utilize backup solutions without fear of their data being automatically downloaded to personal devices. The REST API ensures greater data security for companies with employees using mobile devices (so...basically everyone at your company).

What is the Gmail REST API?

The Gmail REST API is the latest (and Google preferred) API from Google for interacting with Gmail inboxes.  It’s a much more efficient API that eliminates the dependency on IMAP.  

How is Gmail REST API better than the IMAP API?

Using the Google IMAP API required that IMAP be enabled for all the users you wanted to back up. The drawback of IMAP is that users’ emails are downloaded to any device synchronized to the email account. This means that potentially sensitive data may proliferate beyond the company issued (and controlled) device to a user’s personal mobile device. If that person was to leave the organization, they would take that data with them.  If the device is stolen or lost that sensitive data may be compromised.

The new API also provides faster performance and a more flexible interface. The result is backups can now be performed much faster. Speed and flexibility are particularly valuable when onboarding both users and data into Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection for the first time. The new API can shorten the onboarding process by days.  

How do I utilize the Gmail REST API?

Going forward all new customers will automatically use the Gmail REST API.  For existing customers (prior to the enablement of the Gmail REST API), the IMAP API will continue to be used.  It can be enabled for existing customers on request but enablement will require the deletion of all data already backed up in Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection.  

Are there any limitations by using the REST API?

No!  The REST API is feature equivalent to the IMAP API.  


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