Managing a Private Node in the Partner Portal



This article explains how to access information about and configure the alerts for a Datto Private Node using the Partner Portal. 

Private Cloud Status

To access the Private Cloud Status, go to the Partner Portal.

Click on the Devices menu, and choose Private Cloud Status, as shown in Figure 1. This option only shows up if a Private Node is associated with your reseller account.

Figure 1 - Devices Menu

You will then see the Private Cloud Status page, as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 - Private Cloud Status Page

The following list explains the information on this page:

  • IP Address: This is the IP address of the Node as seen by Datto's monitoring servers.
  • Last Seen: This is the time that the Node was last seen by Datto's monitoring servers.
  • Free / Total Space: This shows the free and total space available on the Node's storage array.
  • Percentage Used: This indicates the amount of used storage as a percent of total space. Once the storage reaches about 85% full, performance will drastically drop.
  • Uptime: Indicates the length of time since the Node was last powered on.
  • Free RAM: This indicates how much RAM is available on the Node to be used for virtual machines and other operations. Low available RAM negatively impacts the ability to virtualize from the Node.
  • VMs Running: This indicates how many virtual machines are currently launched and running on the Node. Performance drops if there are too many.
  • Number of Devices: This is the number of Datto appliances that are clients of the Node.
  • RX Speed: Indicates the speed of the data received by the Node as of the last checkin.
  • List of Devices: This page lists the Datto appliances that are connected to the Node and how much storage they are using. It also compares the last local / offsite time for the agents as well as the total space they are using on the Node.

Configuring Node Alerts

You can customize the alerts for Low Disk Space and Last Checkin Time. To do so, click on the Alerts link on the Private Cloud Status page. See Figure 2.

You will then see the Alerts settings, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 - Private Node Alerts

To turn on an alert, click on the power button in the Status column. Then, click Save changes.

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