Error: "SQL Transaction Log is Not Running the Truncation Processes"



The SQL Transaction Log is not running the truncation processes after a ShadowSnap or ShadowProtect Backup.

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A ShadowSnap or ShadowProtect Backup does not trigger a Database Log Backup.


This is not a best practice on how to set up a SQL server but an explanation of how ShadowProtect engine interacts with SQL and Different Recovery Models.

Simple Recovery Model

Under a Simple Recovery Model, SQL will truncate the transaction log when a checkpoint is created. There are many factors that can cause a checkpoint to be created.  One of these is a database backup, Any ShadowSnap or ShadowProtect backup will be considered a database backup under the following circumstances:

  1. The SQL VSS writer is installed and enabled.

  2. The Database and Log files are being backup up.

    • Both files need to be backed up in the same job.

    • They do not have to be on the same volume.

Full or Bulk Recovery Model

Under the Full or Bulk Recovery Model the transaction logs are not truncated until a Database Log Backup has been completed. A ShadowProtect backup is not considered a Database Log Backup. If the Full or Bulk Recovery Model is required, using the Microsoft SQL Management Studio to schedule a Transaction Log Backup Task will be required to maintain the Transaction Log size.

Applies to: Windows SQL 2005 | Windows SQL 2008 | Windows SQL 2008 R2 | Windows SQL 2012 

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