What is the 'Disabled OU' notification?


When the Backupify App is installed from the Google Apps marketplace, the default settings will turn the app ON for all users in all OUs. However, Google Apps Admins can change that and only turn Backupify ON for specific OUs. By making this change, Backupify will not be able to see any data from any users who are part of organizations that have been turned OFF. This means that Backupify will not be able to backup those users data.

If the Backupify app detects that the user backing up belongs to an OU that is turned OFF for Backupify, then we will disable that job from running and display a notification to the admin so they are aware of the disabled backup.

If you get a notification because a user is in a 'Disabled OU' then in order to get them backing up again you will have to do one of the following:

  • Move that user to an OU that has Backupify turned ON
  • Turn Backupify ON for that OU

We run a daily job that checks if that user has been moved to an enabled OU or if the OU has been enabled. We will automatically re-enable jobs for those users that are now in an OU that is turned ON.

For more information on how to configure the Backupify App enable/disable settings for OUs, please visit our article with those details.


To contact Backupify support, please click here to submit a Support Request, or give us a call at 1-800-518-7449.


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