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This article discusses how to download and install the provided VPN keys to connect to a Datto cloud network with OpenVPN 2.4.9 or older.

These instructions apply to Legacy Recovery Launchpad. If you are using the New Recovery Launchpad, see Partner Portal: New Recovery Launchpad: Connecting to Cloud Networks with Datto VPN Keys.
It is necessary to use version 2.4.9 or older.  Datto does not support newer versions of OpenVPN at this time.


  • Recovery Launchpad


For clients that need to connect to a cloud network provided by Datto's SIRIS, Datto Tech Support can provide VPN keys to allow clients to connect to the cloud network from machines outside their LAN.

1.   Go into the Partner Portal, and click on the Status menu. Choose Recovery Launchpad (Legacy).

2.   Click on the device. The bar will expand, showing a Manage VLANs button. Click this button. You will see the VLAN manager, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Manage VLAN (click to enlarge)

3.   From here, you can create a new client (as shown in Figure 1) and Generate a Client Script for an existing client.

Note: These links expire 8 hours after generation. The key will still be able to be used, but you cannot download the key again using the link provided after 8 hours. You would need to generate a new link.

4.  Select this link and download the VPN client. It will provide a link to download an executable that will appear as the name of the cloud network with a client# (i.e., test-clientXXX)

Connecting to the network

Do not connect a machine to an offsite VLAN if the networking configuration is the same on both. This configuration can cause conflicts and communication issues. 

1. Run the executable on the machine that you'd like to connect to the cloud network. A key will generate that you can use to connect to the network.

If you do not have OpenVPN installed on your machine, the key will then direct you to install the OpenVPN client and will provide a download page. Download and install the OpenVPN software onto your machine.

2. After installation, clicking the key again will prompt you to connect:

Figure 2: Cloud client confirmation (click to enlarge)

3. Once Open VPN connects to the cloud, you will see a command prompt box. There will be multiple connectivity prompts that appear then a constant string of read and writes:

Figure 3: Connection in progress (click to enlarge)

4. As long as you have minimized your command prompt, you will be able to access resources on the network via the previously used connections, such as terminal services or VNC.

Instructions on how to Use a MAC VPN Key to access Offsite VMs


During an offsite disaster virtualization, VPN access can be provided to clients using Macs and Linux Machines on request using the following steps:

Download and Configure TunnelBlick

1. Download a file with ".sh" extension provided by Datto Tech Support 

2. Install Tunnelblick from

3. Navigate to the downloaded .sh file and run from Mac Terminal

For instance, if the .sh file provided by Datto Tech Support is downloaded to the desktop, use the following commands from the terminal:

cd ~/Desktop


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