Installing the Datto Linux Agent



This article describes the requirements and procedure to install the Datto Linux Agent on supported machines.

The Linux agent protects Linux machines in conjunction with Datto's business continuity appliances.


To run the Datto Linux Agent, the machine must meet these requirements.

Protected system requirements

  • 64 bit OS
  • Linux kernel version 2.6.32 or newer, excluding the following incompatible kernels:
    • 3.13.0-65
  • 8G+ RAM
  • Internet connection
  • Corresponding Kernel Development package
    • Debian-based systems require a kernel-headers package to match the running kernel
    • RPM-based systems require a kernel-devel package to match the running kernel
VMware vCenter Server is unsupported.

Linux Distributions

The Linux Agent is considered EOL for distributions in red. Packages for them will remain available for the time-being, but new releases will not be made.

Distribution Screenshot Virtualization Notes
Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 5 N Y Must be running kernel version 2.6.18.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 6 Y Y  
Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 7 Y Y  
Fedora 20 Y Y  
Fedora 21 Y Y  
Fedora 22 Y Y  
Fedora 23 Y Y  
Fedora 24 Y Y  
Fedora 25      
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 2 Y Y  
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 3 Y Y  
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP 4 Y Y  
SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Y Y  
SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP 1 Y Y  
SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP 2 Y Y  
openSUSE 13.1 N Y  
openSUSE 13.2 N Y  
openSUSE Leap 42.1 N Y  
openSUSE Leap 42.2 N Y  
Debian 7 Y Y You may have to install sudo.
Debian 8 Y Y You may have to install sudo.
Ubuntu 12.04 Y Y  
Ubuntu 14.04 Y Y Screenshot verification is unsupported on kernel 3.13.0-65.
Ubuntu 16.04 Y Y  

If you have a request to support any other distribution, please put in a feature request on our Community Forum.

Please note that Datto does not support virtualizing disk images stored in Network Attached Storage volumes for any distribution.

Supported File Systems

      • ext2
      • ext3
      • ext4
      • xfs

To check your file system, run this command: df -h -T.

Other file systems may work, but they are not supported, and may result in large incremental backups.

Networking requirements

The following TCP ports must be open between the Datto appliance and the protected system:

      • 3260
        To check this port, run the following command on the protected system:
        nmap -T4 <ip address of Datto appliance> -p3260
      • 25567

The target machine must be able to reach on port 443 to receive security certificates and update packages.

The target machine must be able to reach the following package server:


Citrix XenServer VMs

To install the agent on either Debian 7 or CentOS XenServer VM, follow these steps prior to the installation of the Linux agent: Installing the Linux Agent on a Citrix XenServer VM.


Before installing the agent, make sure to install any required kernel header packages on Debian (or Debian-derived) distributions by running the following command:

      • sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)
If you've installed kernel updates, reboot your system before installing the Datto Linux Agent.

Installing the Agent

To install the agent, run the following command:

curl -sS | sudo bash

The installer will launch. Enter to agree to the software license agreement, and install the Datto Linux Agent. 

Figure 1: Datto Linux Agent installation prompt.

Once you've installed the Linux agent on your target machine, log into the Datto's web interface and follow these steps:

      1. Click on the Protect link in the top menu bar.
      2. Follow the steps in the Protect a System Wizard article to add the protected machine to your Datto appliance.

Installation Logs

Here are the locations of the installation logs on the supported distributions. If you have an issue with installation, check these logs for clues:



CentOS / RHEL and Fedora 20-21


Fedora 22+

      • /var/log/dnf.log - Log of DNF actions
      • /var/log/hawkey.log - Log of repository actions (DNF uses hawkey to read repo data)

Agent Packages

The Datto Linux Agent comprises the following packages:

      • dlad - The Datto Linux Agent Daemon
      • libiscsi-datto - iSCSI library for sending data to the Datto appliance iSCSI target
      • dattobd-utils - Datto Linux Agent driver utilities package
      • dattobd-dkms - Datto Linux Agent DKMS support

Disaster Recovery Options

You can do a file restore or a virtualization of a Linux protected machine. You can use these features in the same way you virtualize or do a file restore of a Windows protected machines: through the Restore page of the Datto appliance's web interface.

Bare Metal Restore is also supported.

Software Updates

The Datto Linux Agent does not automatically update itself when a new version becomes available. You will need to download and install these versions manually. To update the agent, run the apt-get install command that corresponds with your Linux version:

      • Debian/Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install dlad
      • openSUSE/SLE: sudo zypper install dlad
      • RHEL/CentOS/Fedora 20-21: sudo yum install dlad
      • Fedora 22+: sudo dnf install dlad 

The current release of the Datto Linux Agent is 1.0.10 with driver version 0.9.16. You can check the protected machine's agent version from the Protect tab of your Datto appliance's GUI.


For troubleshooting instructions, see these articles:

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