SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Offsite Recovery Options


1. Background

When clients require fail over to the off-site VMs for production use, the data change that occurs on these servers needs to be restored when the production environment comes back online.

To determine the best methods for restoration, determine what data experienced change and what parts of the environment need to be restored to client machines. Depending on the roles of the servers, this will differ for methods of restoration.

2. Solution 

There are several different methods to restore entire production changes:

1. Datto Tech Support can take a ShadowProtect backup of the machine in its current state and then seed those backups to a RoundTrip drive. The drive can then be sent out and connected to the datto device or directly to the hardware being used for a ShadowProtect Bare Metal Restore.

Please note that any changes made to the off-site VM after the ShadowProtect back up has been taken and put on the RoundTrip drive will not be on the RoundTrip drive.

2. Datto can also create a VMDK or VHD of the selected machine in the cloud by taking a zfs snapshot of the latest changes to the off-site VM. The changes are exported to a RoundTrip drive that is sent out for virtual restoration. Incrementals over the wire are not possible with this option.

Please note that any changes made to the off-site VM after the VMDK/VHD export has been put on the RoundTrip will not be on the RoundTrip drive.

3. Downloading a ZFS differential over the wire is also possible, as long as the local device is online and still has the same recovery point that was virtualized off-site. datto tech support will take a zfs differential of the off-site VM, compress that snapshot, and send it down to the local datto device. Once that is complete, the dataset is merged and the most recent data is delivered to the incremental chain. At that point, the server can be virtualized locally if needed and local restoration can occur.

This is the best option in order to restore the data needed, provided the datto is online and it has the same recovery point that was virtualized off-site, as we can leverage this ZFS differential to facilitate all methods of restore locally.

2.1. Particular files

If a server needs certain files or databases restored, different options are available.

  • Exchange: Kroll can be used to restore mailboxes from exchange servers.
  • SQL/Databases: Database changes are able to be captured and transmitted where necessary via SQL backups or database backups. Consult your database administrators for different options for either merging or replacing databases. 
  • File servers: If only certain files were manipulated, these files are able to be delivered via FTP or SFTP.
  • Be aware of the changes you've made in the cloud VMs as this will help in determining what the best method would be for restoration.

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