How Do Restores Work in Backupify 1.0 for Office 365?



How do restores work in Backupify 1.0 for Office 365? 


  • Backupify 1.0


When restoring items, you can select a specific item or multiple items items and restore them by clicking the Restore button. You can also restore all items for the user by leaving all items unchecked and clicking the Restore button. Restoring all is useful in the event that a user deleted the full contents of their mailbox, their calendar, or other system. 

When the content is restored, the application will create a folder titled (Backupify Restore DATE) with the date of the restore. This is so that no current content gets overwritten by restored items. SaaS Protection/Backupify creates this folder for both specific and all restores.

OneDrive and SharePoint Restores

OneDrive and SharePoint restores have only one limitation and that is that files must be less than 250MB to be restored. Larger files are still backed up safely, however, you must use the Export feature to recover them. Note the data can be restored by any user, but only the data they had permissions for.

OneDrive backups also store File Permissions. If you would like to restore these, you can toggle "Item Permissions Will be Restored" to on.

Note: if you are an existing customer, only the files that have been backed up since 02/15/2017 will store ACLs.

You may also restore to another active user in your domain. You can do this by inputting a destination user or e-mail under "Destination."



Mail Restores

When email records are restored, they will be restored to a top-level folder created by SaaS Protection/Backupify titled (Backupify Restore DATE) and then they will be nested in the folder that the record was last located in.


Calendar Restores

When calendar records are restored, they will be restored to a new calendar created by SaaS Protection/Backupify titled ‘calendar_name (Backupify Restore DATE)’; where calendar_name is the name of the calendar that the record originated from. Users can have multiple calendars in Office 365 so we do this to make sure the records restored also retain the calendar that they originally belonged to.


Backupify 1.0 for Office 365 has a 250mb file size limit. 

Restore Failures

In some cases our restore jobs experience issues and we are not able to restore some of your records. Typically these are caused by transient issues communicating with Microsoft's APIs, internal Microsoft exceptions, or processing errors on the Datto side.

If such an error occurs then you should receive an email alerting you to the restore failure and how many records failed. If you have any records that fail to restore in a restore job then please contact Technical Support and we can re-run the restore of just those failed items.


To contact Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection support, click here to submit a Support Request, or click here for more contact options.

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