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How Do Backups Work in Datto SaaS Protection/Backupify for Office 365?



How do backups work in Datto SaaS Protection/Backupify for Office 365?


  • Datto SaaS Protection for Office 365
  • Backupify for Office 365

Supported Services

SaaS Protection/Backupify currently backs up OneDrive, SharePoint, Contacts, Calendar, and Mail services for Office 365. We back up Office 365 data using Microsoft’s Exchange Web Services (EWS) API.

Backup Frequency

The backup schedule for Office 365 is fully automated and runs three times daily for each service. The schedule is fully managed, and the three run times are automatic and therefore cannot be adjusted.

We don't have a specific way we can pin point exactly when backups occur, but we can tell you that the day's first back up run occurs between 12 AM and 8 AM, the second between 8 AM and 4 PM, and the third between 4 PM and 11:59 PM (EST).

You can launch a backup on-demand, however, by hovering over the Next Scheduled Backup time and clicking the resulting Backup Now button. Running an on-demand backup will not affect the three regularly scheduled backups.

SaaS Protection/Backupify only backs up the SharePoint cloud version known as Office 365 SharePoint. Various local installations of Office 365 contain versions of SharePoint such as 2010, 2013, and so on. Backupify does not support those versions.

Backup Exceptions


  • SaaS Protection/Backupify for O365 also backs up your shared mailboxes, but not public folders. This is a restriction of the O365 API, as this content is not discoverable through the API.


  • SaaS Protection/Backupify for O365 backs up everything except profile pictures.
  • O365 doesn't back up shared/group contacts (This is a restriction of the O365 API, as this content is not discoverable through the API).
  • Attachments that are references to OneDrive objects are inaccessible through the API and cannot be backed up.


  • O365 doesn't back up shared/group calendar. (This is a restriction due to the O365 API, as this content is not discoverable through the API).
  • Attachments that are references to OneDrive objects are inaccessible through the API and cannot be backed up.


When you first enable OneDrive for a user in the O365 environment, that user's initial backup may take some time to start. This is because SaaS Protection/Backupify can take up to 24 hours to recognize that the user is now provisioned for backups. After allowing one backup cycle to complete, that user's OneDrive account should begin backing up as intended.
  • We back up all documents in an individual's OneDrive.
  • Microsoft OneNote documents are not accessible through the current API and cannot be backed up. This is available however on Backupify 2.0.
  • OneDrive does not have a file size limit in terms of files it can back up. However, if you need to recover an item over 250MB, you must Export it rather than Restore it.
  • SaaS Protection/Backupify OneDrive backups do not support versioning... we only retain the last version of any backed-up file. We will be adding versioning for OneDrive into a future version of SaaS Protection/Backupify for Office 365.
  • SaaS Protection/Backupify OneDrive backups do not capture Image Libraries


SharePoint currently backs up the following data:

  • SharePoint Site Document Libraries
  • SharePoint Site Templates
  • SharePoint Site Assets
  • SharePoint Site Lists (Generic List, DocumentLibrary, WebPageLibrary)
  • SharePoint Site Pages 
  • SharePoint Site Collections (Microsoft sites that admins have created that do not fall into the SharePoint Root Site collection)
Backupify cannot backup any SharePoint Forms due to API limitations.  
Backupify does not back up image libraries for SharePoint

Handling Backup Exceptions and Issues

If a backup run encounters an issue either on the Datto side or the Microsoft side, then that run may result in a failed backup. In these cases, you will receive a message on the dashboard and the application will automatically retry the backup on the next scheduled run until the run completes successfully.


To contact Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection support, click here to submit a Support Request, or click here for more contact options.

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