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How do I control what volumes are backed up by the Datto appliance?


  • Datto ALTO
  • Datto SIRIS


Volume level backup control lets you choose which volumes on the protected machine to back up to the Datto device. This option applies to all future backups.


To exclude a volume from future backups:

1. Open up the web interface for the device.

2. Click the Protect tab.

3. Click Configure Agent Settings for the agent you want to configure. 4. Scroll down to the Advanced section, and find Volume level backup control.

Figure 1: Volume level backup control options

5. Check the boxes next to the volumes you wish to exclude from future backups. If you wish to start a new backup chain after excluding the volumes, click Delete under the Delete Dataset column. Please note that this does not actually remove the data stored in previous points.

You will see a System Reserved volume on Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Server 2008r2, as these operating systems contain the 100 MB System Reserved Partition (SRP). By default, they are excluded because they are unnecessary for virtualization and restoration.

If you exclude a volume that was included in a prior backup, the Volume Level Backup Control page will display a warning next to the affected volume. The Protect tab of the Datto appliance GUI will display the same warning next to the entry for the affected agent.

Figure 2: Missing volume alert, as seen in Volume Level Backup Control

Figure 3: Missing volume alert, as seen in the Protect tab 

Removing drives that are no longer being protected

To remove unused drives without deleting all local data and taking a new base image:

1. In the Volume level backup control section of the Agent Settings tab, click Delete dataset for each drive being removed.

2. Click Protect in the top menu bar, then click Start a backup to take an incremental backup. When it completes, click the backup button again to take a second incremental backup. 

3. After the next offsite synchronization, click the Protect tab from the top menu bar, then click Manage recovery points. 

4. In Manage recovery points, delete all the points prior to the incremental backups you took in step 2. 

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