Screenshots Fail to a Chkdsk or Windows Updating Screen



Screenshots fail to an image of the chkdsk screen or windows updating screen.


  • Datto ALTO
  • Datto SIRIS


The machine being backed up has a chkdsk scheduled on the next boot or Windows updates require a reboot to finalize.


For screenshots showing the chkdsk screen

Check if the system has it's dirty bit set:
1. Type CMD into the Windows search bar, then right-click the command propt icon and select Run as administrator to open an elevated Windows command prompt. 

2. Run the following command at the prompt:
fsutil dirty query [drive letter]:

This checks a given volume and returns an output indicating if the volume has it's dirty bit set. If so, the output will be output similar to the output below :

Volume - C: is Dirty

3. If the dirty bit is set, a chkdsk must run before normal screenshots will resume. Reboot the machine, open an elevated command prompt and type:
chkdsk /r [drive letter]

Check if a chkdsk is scheduled on the agent system:
1. In the Windows command prompt, check if a scheduled chkdsk is pending on the agent system 
chkntfs 'C:'

If there is a chkdsk pending, the output will be output similar to the output below :

The type of the file system is NTFS. Chkdsk has been scheduled manually to run on next reboot on volume C:

2. Reboot the agent system to run the chkdsk unset the dirty bit on the volume. Afterward,  take a new backup. If the issue persists, it may be beneficial to invoke a chkdsk /r against any volumes having issues on the agent system. 

For screenshots showing the Windows Update screen

Reboot the machine to finalize the updates and take a new backup.

If you have tried all the steps above and are still having issues, contact Datto Technical Support. 

Additional resources

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