Checking a Datto Appliance's Network / Connectivity Status


1. Scope

This article shows you how to access and interpret the Networking Status and Connectivity Status of a Datto device. For more information about device networking requirements, see the article Datto Networking Requirements. To learn more about the networking user interface, see the article Network Configuration User Interface.

2. Procedure

To get to the Networking Status of a device, go to Remote Web, and click on the Configure tab. Then, click Networking, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Configure Networking

3. Network Status

In the left column, you will see the Networking Status section as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2 - Networking Status

This section displays the status of the device's Ethernet ports, eth0 and eth1. If a cable is connected, and the NIC has an IP address, you will see the IP address (as shown for eth0 in Figure 2).

4. Connectivity Status

The Connectivity Status section gives you an overview of the device's connectivity. This information may be important to troubleshoot device connectivity problems, such as checkin issues.

Figure 3 - Connectivity Status

The port statuses are important for the following:

  • Port 22 outbound - allows ssh access to the device
  • Port 80 outbound - allows connections to the device via http
  • Port 443 outbound - allows connections to the device via https

These three ports must be open for the device to function properly.

Ping size refers to MTU packet size. Datto appliances require a 1500 byte MTU. See the Datto Networking Requirements article for more information.

Diagnostic services refers to the connection between the device and Datto's monitoring servers.

Resolve device hostname - A simple DNS check queries the configured DNS Server to see if the device's hostname resolves.

Connection to Off-site Storage refers to the status of the device's connection to the Datto Cloud.

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