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[Errno 2] No such file or directory


1. Scope

This article describes the cause and possible solutions for the error [Errno 2] No such file or directory.

2. Cause

When working with encrypted agents, the iSCSI targets that are mounted on the protected agent during backup were not properly cleaned up after a prior attempt. This error is typically the result of a previous backup failure such as a Final Error -2.

3. Solution

1. Stop any backups that are in progress.

2. On your protected machine, open up diskpart via the command line and run automount scrub. This will clear the mount point data of any previously attached disks/devices (Typically, this applies to external drives and will not affect the currently attached local disks).

automount scrub: Removes volume mount point directories and registry settings for volumes that are no longer in the system. This prevents the machine from mounting volumes that were previously in the system and given their former volume mount point(s) when they are added back to the system.

This will prune any of the iSCSI targets that are currently stuck on the host machine.

3. Confirm the target has been removed by opening iSCSI Initiator and looking for any 'connected' devices. If other encrypted agents are backing up to the same device, you may see other devices reporting as 'inactive'. The naming convention of the targets will allow us to distinguish which targets are created for which agents. It'll contain the name of the Datto device, the agent IP/hostname, along with some random generated characters at the end for each volume needed.

4. Repair Agent Communications

5. Destroy the live dataset for the agent, and run a new full backup with the pruned targets.

6. If the errors persists, please contact Datto Technical Support after gathering the Shadow Protect log files to attach to the ticket.

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