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Backupify for Salesforce Initial Setup


First things first, you may be asking yourself why you should be backing up your Salesforce data... to save time and money or course! Backupify for Salesforce reduces the risk of user error or third-party applications destroying your data! Protect data critical to the operation of your business with our application.

1. Prerequisites:

Before you set up Backupify for Salesforce for your Salesforce instance, please review the following information on the Salesforce users, editions, and environments supported by Backupify:

  • Salesforce User: To authorize Backupify, authenticate using a Salesforce administrator user account with privileges to all objects and files that you want to back up. You should OAuth in using an administrator user account with privileges to all objects and files that you want to back up.
  • Salesforce Editions:
    • Professional Edition
      • SOAP, Bulk and REST APIs need to be enabled. Salesforce may require additional costs to enable these APIs on a Professional account. Contact Salesforce Customer Support for more information.
    • Enterprise Edition
    • Unlimited Edition
  • Salesforce Environments: Production and Sandbox (full & developer types) environments.
  • Sales Cloud supported? Yes
  • Service Cloud supported? Yes


2. Initial Setup

Backupify is the leading cloud-to-cloud backup and recovery solution for cloud apps including Salesforce. Once installed, you will have the peace of mind that comes with automated backup and one-click restore to your production or sandbox environment. Follow these steps to start protecting your Salesforce data.

Step 1: Create a Backupify account

Visit our account creation page and fill out the information in the right hand column. The password you create is Backupify specific and does not need to mirror your Salesforce login credentials. The email you choose will be used for notifications and communications related to your account, including results from actions like exports.

Next choose ‘Salesforce’ under SaaS Products to setup Salesforce backups on your account.

Under plan type, select the plan you agreed upon with your sales representative or use the descriptions on the page to select the best option for your organization.

Step 2: Enter your Salesforce information

Select your edition of Salesforce and the type of environment you wish to backup and then click ‘Submit Information.’

When performing the authentication with Salesforce, be sure to sign in to Salesforce administrator account that has full read/write access to the entire Salesforce instance. This process allows us to store OAuth credentials for your Salesforce instance and we do not store your Salesforce username and password.

That’s it! Once you’ve input your Salesforce credentials your backups will automatically begin. After 24 hours you will be able to adjust the limit of API calls allocated to Backupify, which by default is set to 25,000. For more information on Salesforce APIs used and calculating how many API calls Backupify will need to pull over a full copy of your environment, please visit the Salesforce API section.


3. Adding Salesforce to an existing Backupify for Google Apps account

For existing Backupify for Google Apps accounts, you can attach a Salesforce backup to that account as well. First sign in to your Backupify for Google Apps account as the admin user. Go to Add Services and on the next page select ‘Add Salesforce’.


Now follow the same instructions from section 2 above to configure and add your Salesforce backup to your existing Backupify account.

4. Questions about getting started

Once you’ve set up Backupify for Salesforce, daily backups are scheduled automatically for your most critical data.  We back up your data incrementally, meaning we take an initial backup, then only back up data that has been altered since your last backup. However, if any data within an object is modified, we retrieve a complete new copy of that object's data. Data is retrieved using Salesforce APIs and then transferred securely and stored encrypted, in the high-availability Amazon cloud.

As a Backupify account administrator, you can view and download an audit log of all user actions, search for and download any data in your instance, and more. We can back up production and sandbox (full & developer type) environments. You can configure multiple Salesforce environments to back up within your Backupify account.

Also, make sure you're familiar with what we back up and what we don't back up.

And, learn more about our SLA or Backupify's Security policy.


To contact Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection support, click here to submit a Support Request, or click here for more contact options.

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