Backupify for Salesforce Backups FAQ


1. Daily Backup Runs

Salesforce backup runs are automatic and run ONCE daily.

The initial (full) backup will occur upon account creation and that includes all the data in your Salesforce account.

On subsequent backups, we only get a table/object if it has been altered since your last backup. This is called an incremental backup.

Every day we ask Salesforce which objects have changed, if even a single record (i.e. row) has changed then we backup the entire object again. We also ask which files have updated or been added, and backup only the new or changed files.


Automated backups will run once a day but if customers need to run an on-demand backup before the scheduled backup (i.e., before a major data migration into Salesforce), all they need to do is click on the blue “Force a Backup” now button that is above the API Monitor Box on the dashboard.

Please note: while a backup is in progress, you do not have the option to force another backup.


2. Objects in Salesforce Backed Up

Objects We Backup

  • Standard Salesforce objects (Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, etc.)
  • Custom Salesforce data objects
  • Files (Documents, Attachments, etc.)
  • Chatter messages
  • Metadata (reports, dashboards, object layouts, etc.

Objects We Don’t Currently Backup

  • Record-keeping objects (*History, *Share, *__kav, and *__x)
  • LoginIp and ClientBrowser Tables (new in API v28.0)
  • Data in custom formula fields. (These are calculated based on data in other fields, so we do not back up the resulting values.)
  • Within Metadata: any packaged layouts (including those used for 3rd party applications), and some email templates
  • Additional objects: Vote, UserProfileFeed, ContentDocumentLink, UserRecordAccess, KnowledgeArticleVersion, LoginIp, and ClientBrowser

Note: We DO NOT back up tables with no entries (if a SF object is not in use, we won’t download an empty .csv file)


3. Versions

All Salesforce plans support versioning of files. However each plan has different limitations on how long those versions go back:

  • Basic has 3 months of versions
  • Professional has 6 months of versions
  • Enterprise has unlimited versions


4. Backup Statuses

When you sign into your account, you will see one of a few possible overall status messages for you last backup:

Backup Completed - This status is displayed when at least 95% of the data was backed up on the last backup run. Since we rely on the Salesforce API, there are some circumstances where we are unable to backup all of your data. In this case, we will display the objects that we were unable to back up in the detailed activity log. If we are unable to backup the same object for at least 7 days in a row, the overall backup status will change to partially complete.

Partially Complete - This status is displayed if we were able to back up some, but less than 95% of the data. Users will be able to view a list of the objects we were unable to retrieve.

Disabled - This status is displayed if the backup service has been disabled on purpose (at your request) or if we are unable to use the Salesforce OAuth token to access your account's data. This can happen if you have disabled the Salesforce user associated with your Backupify account, or changed their permissions. When a backup is disabled, you will receive an email notification. You cannot unsubscribe from this notification email.


Understanding ‘Partial’ backup status for Salesforce backups

There are a few reasons why your daily Salesforce backup may display a 'partial' backup status. Some things to verify:

  1. Check the activity log and see if the API limit has been hit for any of the days showing 'partial' backup status. If so, considering increasing the amount of API calls you provide to Backupify so we can complete the daily backup.
  1. Make sure that the Salesforce user you used to create the backup account has access to all the data in Salesforce that you want to back up. Specifically, for standard and custom objects, make sure the user belongs to a profile in Salesforce that has at least Read access permission to standard and custom objects.

If you are still seeing a 'Partial' status for your backups once verifying the above, please contact Support for assistance.


To contact Backupify/Datto SaaS Protection support, click here to submit a Support Request, or click here for more contact options.

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