USB Bare Metal Restore: Data Transfer



This article explains the final step in the USB Bare Metal Restore process: the data transfer from the Datto device's recovery point to the target machine. This process assumes that you have completed USB Bare Metal Restore: Booting the target machine from USB and optionally, USB Bare Metal Restore: Advanced Partitioning.


Verify the partition layout. Then, click Clone Data. See Figure 1.

1.pngFigure 1: Review and Confirm

You will be prompted to confirm your selection, as shown in Figure 2. Type FORMAT in the confirmation box, and then click Confirm.

2.pngFigure 2: Format confirmation

The Bare Metal Restore environment will begin the process of cloning data to your target machine. This process may take some time to complete, depending on how much data you are moving. During this process, you will see the status shown in Figure 3.

3.pngFigure 3: Cloning process

When the transfer is complete, you will see the following Restore Status screen.

4.pngFigure 4: Restore Status

When you are ready to bring the production machine back online, gracefully shut down the rescue VM from within its operating system. If you previously selected the Continuously Mirror option, allow the final snapshot to finish, and click Stop Mirroring. Then, click Finish and Reboot.


If you restored from a backup that was taken from a Recovery VM, do not take down the VM until you've verified that the data from all volumes has been properly restored to the target machine.

When you restart the target machine, boot into the BIOS (for MBR) or motherboard firmware (for uEFI).

Reset the BIOS or motherboard firmware settings to boot using the disk that contains the OS.

Then, reboot the machine again.

If the machine boots properly, you are done.

If the production machine is still unable to boot, you can try troubleshooting the problem with Microsoft DaRT, a Windows boot CD, or any other tools at your disposal. Alternatively, you can call Technical Support for further assistance.

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