GUI - Device Overview


1. Scope

This article describes the Device Overview page that is part of the Datto device's Remote Web interface.

2. Accessing the Device Overview

This is the main screen when you log into the Datto device either locally or remotely. For instructions to log into the Datto device, see Accessing Remote Web.

Figure 1 - Device Overview

3. Device Information

This section displays all hardware and device level information for the device:

  • Device Serial
    This is the serial number of the device. It is derived from the MAC address of the primary NIC.
  • Device IP Address
    This is the local IP address for the device.
  • Total Protected Data
    This is the total amount of data that is being protected by the Datto device. This amount is calculated from the space that the data consumes on the protected machines. It does not represent the amount of space that is used on the Datto device.
  • Version (Device / SpeedSync)
    These version numbers refer to the device's Datto OS version and the version of SpeedSync, which is the program that replicates the device's data to Cloud storage.
  • Last Checkin (Click to Force)
    This tells you how long it has been since the device successfully checked in with Datto's monitoring servers. If you would like to force a checkin, click the time (in blue, for example "5 Minutes Ago").
  • Off-Site Server
    This is the IP address of the Cloud storage server to which this Datto device replicates its data.
  • Off-Site Sync Speed
    This is the average speed of Cloud storage replication.
  • LAN Link Speed
    This is the speed of your local LAN.
  • Number of Agents
    This is the number of agents (or protected machines) that back up to this device.

4. Local Storage Usage

This section displays the individual storage used on the device for all agents and NAS shares.

Figure 2 - Local Storage

  • Local Free
    This lists the amount of free space on the device.
  • Offsite Transfer Files
    This lists the space used by the Offsite Transfer Files. These files are built by the device to replicate its data to the Cloud storage server. Upon replication, the files are deleted.
  • Agents
    For each protected machine, you will see an entry showing how much space it is using on the device.
  • NAS Shares
    Each NAS share has an entry showing how much space it is using on the device.

5. Replication Status

This section displays the offsite synchronization status for all agents or NAS Shares on a Datto device.

6. Local Agent Information

On SIRIS and ALTO, this section displays the following information for each machine that the device protects:

  • Hostname
    This is the Windows Computer Name of the machine.
  • Network Addr
    This is the IP address of the machine.
  • Latest Backup
    This is the time that the machine was last backed up to the device.
  • OS Version
    This is the version of the OS of the protected machine.
  • CPUs/RAM
    This lists the number of CPUs and the amount of RAM on the protected machine.
  • Agent Version
    Version of the backup agent (ShadowSnap)
  • Driver Version
    Version of the backup driver software

7. Local Share Information

Figure 3 - Local Share Information

On a Datto NAS device, this section displays individual NAS Share specific information:

  • Share Name
    This is the name that you gave to the share.
  • Latest Snapshot
    This is the time when the latest snapshot was taken.
  • Snapshot Storage
    This is the amount of space taken by the latest snapshot.
  • NAS Storage
    This is the amount of space that the NAS share is using on the device.
  • Total Storage
    This is the total amount of space that the NAS share is using on the device.

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