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Backup Logs, Agent Logs, and Agent Job Status



This article describes the backup and agent logs on a SIRIS or ALTO device.

Backup Logs

To show the backup logs:

1. Navigate to the web UI on the device.

2. Select the Protect tab.

3. Click the Backup Logs link for the agent that being investigated (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Show Backup Logs

Backup logs show the steps the agent goes through during its backup process.

Agent Logs

To see agent logs:

1. Navigate to the web UI on the device.

2. Select the Protect tab.

3. Click the Backup Logs link for the agent (Figure 1).

4. Select Show Agent Logs above the backup logs (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Show Agent Logs

Agent Logs are generated from the ShadowSnap Service Logs on the protected machine. This provides detailed information about the errors. To troubleshoot a problem, look at the earliest error, because that should provide the root cause of any problems.

Fatal I/O error on \\?\STC_SnapShot_Volume_21_0 offset e5fd486000 on read (-31 A device attached to the system is not functioning).
Usually, the causal error appears on the main Protect page, but sometimes it does not. We recommend that you double-check these Agent Logs (Figure 3).

If looking to search for the error in the Datto Knowledge Base then take out any Production Machine specific information. For example, in the causal error listed the information that should be removed is \\?\STC_SnapShot_Volume_21_0 offset e5fd486000.

Figure 3 - Agent Log

Agent Job Status

To see agent job status:

1. Do the following steps to the see the Agent Logs.

2. Navigate to the bottom of the page to see the Agent Job Status (Figure 4)

Agent Jobs Status lists what volume has finished, failed, or is in the middle of running a backup. This helps an administrator try to pinpoint the problem volume and troubleshoot it as necessary.

This section lists the last three successful, failed, rollback, and aborted jobs as well as any current backup jobs (Figure 4).

Figure 4 - Agent Job Status

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