SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Backup Logs, Agent Logs, and Agent Job Status



This article describes how to navigate and view the backup and agent logs available on a Datto device.


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO


Your Datto appliance provides logs for backup and agent operations within its GUI. These logs are useful for assessing backup jobs on a granular level, and for troubleshooting errors.

Backup Logs

To view your agent's backup logs:

1. Navigate to the web UI on the device.
2. Select the Protect tab.
3. Scroll down to the table referencing your protected machine, and click Show Backup Logs, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Show Backup Logs (click to enlarge)

Backup logs display all the steps the agent goes through during its backup process. The example shown in Figure 2 shows that a backup failed due to not enough free space on the Datto device.

Figure 2: Backup logs with a highlighted error (click to enlarge)

You can also click Shown more... to view additional backup log entries.

Agent Logs

Agent logs display all operations and tasks that an agent performs when taking a backing up a machine. The Datto appliance queries the agent each time you view the Agent Logs page; if it cannot communicate with the agent, no logs will display.

To view the logs, navigate to Backup Logs associated with your protected machine, then click Show Agent Logs, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3: Show Agent Logs (click to enlarge)

The Agent Log page organizes logs chronologically, listing the newest entries at the bottom of the page. Figure 4 provides an example of a successful backup.

Figure 4: Agent Log (click to enlarge)

Agent Job Status

The Agent Job Status section of the Agent Logs page provides a list of recent backup jobs, along with the disk volume associated with the job, and its current status.

Agent Job Status only displays for ShadowSnap agents.

The Agent Job Status section organizes jobs in the following manner:

Figure 5: Agent Job Status - all job types (click to enlarge)

  • Active Jobs: Any volume part of a running backup
  • Failed Jobs: Failed backup attempts of a volume
  • Finished Jobs: Completed, successful backups of a volume
  • Rollback Jobs: Operations the Datto appliance performs in the event of a failed backup. The device removes the failed snapshot and establishes the previous successful snapshot as the latest point in the backup chain
  • Aborted Jobs: Backups stopped by an operator in the Datto appliance UI

When you click the + symbol next to any available job type with available data, you will see a table containing the following information about the most recent three jobs:

Figure 6: Example jobs under Failed Jobs (click to enlarge)

  • Job: The alphanumeric value assigned to a job
  • Date: The timestamp of a job
  • Volume (type, filesystem): The volume associated with a job, followed by its type and filesystem
  • Volume status: The status of a volume for a single job (i.e., Figure
  • Job sent/size: The actual amount of data the job transmitted to the Datto appliance, followed by the expected amount
  • Volume used/total: The amount of data stored by a volume on a protected machine, followed by the volume's total capacity

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