Remote Web - Temporary local troubleshooting access (encryption)


1. Scope

This article explains how to give Datto Technical Support temporary access to your encrypted backups through the device GUI for the purpose of troubleshooting. 

This is useful for file restore and virtualization troubleshooting.

2. Procedure

This option is available through the GUI of the SIRIS.

  1. Navigate to the Remote Web or to the local GUI of your Datto appliance.
  2. Click on the Protect tab.
  3. Find the agent that you want to configure.
  4. Click the Configure Agent Settings link.
  5. On the Agent Settings page, scroll down to the Advanced section, and you will see the Temporary local troubleshooting access header as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 - Temporary access

  6. Click Enable and then enter the encryption passphrase decrypt the backups for 6 hours. After 6 hours, the backups are re-encrypted. If you need more time, repeat the process to enable access for another 6 hours.

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