How Do I Repair Agent Communications in the Datto Device GUI?



How do I repair agent communications in the Datto device GUI?


  • Datto ALTO
  • Datto SIRIS


This article describes how to repair communications between the Datto device and the protected machine. Use this procedure when you receive error messages related to agent communication.


1. Click on the Protect tab in the GUI.

Figure 1: The Datto device GUI (click to enlarge)

2.  Click Configure Agent Settings on the agent you wish to configure.

Figure 2: The Agent in the Protect tab (click to enlarge)

3. Scroll down to the Advanced section and select Repair Agent Communications, then click the Repair Agent Communications button.

Figure 3: Repair Agent Communications (click to enlarge)

The device will take approximately 15 to 20 seconds to repair communications. You will receive a notification in the UI when the process completes.


If communications cannot be repaired, check for the following:

  • Power issues. Ensure the protected machine is powered on and active.
  • Network issues. Make sure the protected machine is reachable across the network.
  • Open a run window and type services.msc. Ensure the appropriate agent services are running on the protected machine:
    • Datto Windows Agent: Datto Backup Agent Service, Datto Provider
    • ShadopwSnap Agent: StorageCraft Raw Agent Service, StorageCraft Shadow Copy Provider, ShadowProtect Service
  • If issues persist, contact Datto Technical Support. 

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