Error: Backup failed because backup image files have not been decrypted



When you try to start a backup for a system protected by the ShadowSnap Agent, you receive the error message, "Backup failed because backup image files have not been decrypted."

In legacy versions of the Datto IRIS environment, this error message was "Backup failed because this encrypted agent's master key is unavailable."


  • ShadowSnap Agent


This error is a result of encrypted agents remaining sealed after a reboot of the Datto appliance.


1. Access the Datto appliance.

2. Navigate to the Protect page. Sealed agents will display the notification shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Sealed backup agent (click to enlarge)

3. Select the Decrypt now box for the impacted agent, and enter its encryption passphrase when prompted.

4. Attempt the backup again.

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