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This article describes the Off-Site Synchronization options available for Datto appliances.


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO
  • Datto NAS


The Off-Site Synchronization configuration options allows users to regulate a Datto device's bandwidth when syncing with the cloud. For a troubleshooting guide related to off-site synchronization, see Troubleshooting Offsite Synchronization Speed.

To get to the Off-Site Synchronization Configuration, open up the web interface, and click Configure. Then, click Off-Site Synchronization.

Cloud management options are not available on appliances with local-only billing plans.

Figure 1 - Off-Site Synchronization Configuration

Note that the bandwidth values on this page are represented in Kilobytes, not Kilobits. You can download an open source calculator to convert bits & bytes.

Off-Site Sync Speed Limit

This option allows you to throttle the bandwidth used by off-site synchronization.

Figure 2 - Off-Site Synchronization Bandwidth Limit

Available bandwidth can be measured by clicking the Start Speed Test button. The value displayed when the speed test completes is 50% of the actual upstream that was available when the test was executed.

Note: Minimum System Requirements call for 125KBps (1Mbps) for every 1TB of protected data for all Datto devices.

Note: Datto recommends to set the Off-Site Sync Speed Limit to the MAXIMUM upload speed possible at the site where the Datto resides. This will allow the Datto to sync at the fastest speeds possible outside of the bandwidth schedule set.

Ideal Case Daily Sync Transfer Amount

This table calculates the maximum size of data that can be transferred over one 24-hour period and one week.

This is purely based on the speed limits set on this page and not based on actual upstream bandwidth that the local network has with the internet.

Figure 3 - Estimated averages for sync, calculated by throttle settings 

Off-Site Sync Scheduling

Allows for customized times to schedule various bandwidth throttles. This configuration setting is typically used to throttle bandwidth use during business hours.

All values set in Off-Site Sync Scheduling will override any value set on this page for the Off-Site Sync Speed Limit.

Off-site synchronizations still in progress when the customized time window ends will continue to sync until completed.

Figure 4 - Bandwidth Throttling Schedule


This option will also throttle services that interact with offsite servers during your set schedule, including:

  • Offsite replication
  • Hybrid virtualization performance
  • sFTP & cloud image exports sent to the local device from the Recovery Launchpad

Sync considerations

Minimum System Requirements call for 125KBps (1Mbps) for every 1TB of protected data for all Datto Devices. 

Datto recommends to set the Off-Site Sync Schedule to Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 6:00pm, or during your client's production hours.

Current Agent Rate of Change

This table shows the daily and weekly rate of change for each agent. This table can be used to adjust a particular agent's off-site synchronization schedule to better moderate bandwidth.

Figure 5 - Average daily / weekly data change per agent

Concurrent Off-Site Sync

Allows administrators to configure the number of simultaneous off-site synchronizations that can be run for the device.

Figure 6 - Concurrent Off-Site Synchronization Setting

Concurrent sync limits

Datto generally recommends a minimum of two to four concurrent sync processes with the Datto Cloud. Roughly after four concurrent sync process, Datto appliances reach a marginal rate of return regarding the overall speed of the Cloud Sync. This is relative to each protected machine or NAS Share & the Recovery Point that is actively syncing. The limit of four concurrent sync processes should only be surpassed on larger devices protecting a greater number of machines, with an uplink bandwidth that is greater than 1MBps/8Mbps uplinks. 

Upload Bandwidth ≥ 1 MBps/8Mbps = 4+ concurrent Off-Site Sync Processes

Upload Bandwidth ≤ 1MBps/8Mbps = Between 2 & 4 concurrent Off-Site Sync Processes

Changes to settings will not take effect until the device's next checkin. You can force a checkin from the Device Overview tab of the Datto appliance GUI.

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