SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Syncing a NAS RoundTrip drive with a Datto appliance



This article describes the procedure to synchronize a NAS RoundTrip drive to a Datto device. For background on the RoundTrip process, see the article RoundTrip Overview.

For details on synchronizing a USB RoundTrip with a Datto device, click here.


  • Datto SIRIS


Connecting the NAS RoundTrip drive

1. Connect the power for the RoundTrip drive.

2. Connect the drive to the network:

To connect the RoundTrip NAS to your LAN, use the port on the NAS marked LAN. On this port, the NAS will attempt to obtain a DHCP address.

To connect the RoundTrip NAS directly to the Datto device, use the port on the NAS marked NIC-to-NIC, and connect it to the auxiliary NIC port marked eth1 on your Datto appliance.

If you have NIC bonding enabled on your Datto appliance, and there are no free ports available to create a NIC-to-NIC configuration, you can temporarily disable the bond, disconnect one of the bonded Ethernet cables, and connect the RoundTrip NAS.

The port on the NAS marked NIC-to-NIC communicates directly with your Datto appliance using an Ethernet cable between the two devices. 

Datto recommends plugging into both the LAN and the Datto appliance, if possible. You will select which one to use later in this process.

If there is no DHCP server available on the local network, use the NIC-to-NIC connection to the Datto device. 

Figure 1: NIC interfaces on a RoundTrip NAS (click to enlarge)

By default, Datto disables local network access to the Datto device UI. You can enable local access under Configuration → Global Device Settings → Local Access Control in the Datto Device Web UI.

Set up and run the RoundTrip

1.Log into the Datto device's web interface. Then, click on the Synchronize tab.

2. At the top of the page, click Start NAS RoundTrip

Figure 2: Start NAS RoundTrip button (click to enlarge)

3. Once the process has started, you will see a welcome screen. Click Next.

mceclip1.pngFigure 3: RoundTrip NAS wizard welcome screen (click to enlarge)

The Datto device will pause all local and offsite backups until the RoundTrip Synchronization completes, to ensure no snapshots get deleted while in transit. At the end of a backup operation, the Datto device runs Retention according to the settings selected in the Remote Web interface.

4. The next screen will display the available interfaces to sync the NAS RoundTrip. Here, you will see if the NAS has network connectivity or not. Once selected, click Next.

mceclip4.pngFigure 4: Select NIC (click to enlarge)

If you use eth0 (LAN) as the interface, the data transfer will happen across the network, which can sometimes cause an increase in Network Latency. If this is a problem on your network, use the NIC-to-NIC method instead. 

If you use the NIC-to-NIC method, you must use the port marked eth1 on both the Datto appliance and the RoundTrip drive.

5. Next, you will see all the NAS RoundTrip devices on the same network. Select the NAS RoundTrip, and click Next.

Figure 5 - Select NAS (click to enlarge)

6. You will see the agents and NAS shares on the Datto device. Select the agents and shares that you wish to synchronize to the NAS RoundTrip. Max Space Needed shows the amount of space that each agent or share will use.

mceclip8.pngFigure 6: Select agents (click to enlarge)

7. Once you've selected the agents and shares, you will see a final reminder, as well as confirmation that the NAS RoundTrip process is ready to begin.


Figure 7: Confirmation screen (click to enlarge)

Enter an email address to receive RoundTrip status updates. Datto recommends entering multiple addresses, to ensure receipt of notification if unreachable. Separate multiple email addresses with commas and no spaces. Then, click Start RoundTrip.

8. The page will refresh, and a progress bar and a status will populate with updated information, as shown in Figure 8.

mceclip10.pngFigure 8: RoundTrip Synchronization status (click to enlarge)

Note: The initial process may take a few minutes.

As the process continues, you will see more details, as shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9: Detailed synchronization status (click to enlarge)

Once the synchronization finishes, you will see a confirmation. Local backups and offsite synchronization will automatically resume after the NAS RoundTrip has completed.

Immediately return the NAS RoundTrip to Datto to synchronize it with the Datto Cloud. The return shipping label is in the box the RoundTrip drive came in. The PO # field will match the serial number of the Datto appliance for which you ordered the RoundTrip. If you misplace the label, email with your device information. Datto will email you a printable PDF return label.

Figure 10:  RoundTrip Return Shipping Label (click to enlarge)

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