SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Hard drive temperature alert troubleshooting



This article discusses the potential causes of, and solutions to, hard drive temperature alerts surfaced by your Datto appliance.


When a hard drive reaches 55 Celsius, it indicates a high temperature on the Datto device. The devices use Western Digital Caviar SATA hard drives that can withstand up to 60 Celsius without effect.

Example of the hard drive temperature alert:

Bad smart status found for drive sda. The item(s) below triggered the alert. For additional details please go to Temperature: 55 C


1. Examine the frequency of the alert. Does it occur at the same time or during specific blocks of time during the day? If it does, verify that the site hosting the affected unit is not experiencing any environmental changes such as air conditioning or HVAC failures.

2. Ensure that all ventilation areas are free of any obstructions and have access to a cool airflow supply with appropriate levels of circulation. For example, tower units must have top ventilation ducts exposed completely with no obstacles. 

3. Verify that all fans are fully-functional and are not emitting any unusual noises.

4. Check that the fans are connected to the motherboard and that all plugs are connected. Do not disassemble any Datto appliance that uses a Mini PC chassis. The following models use a Mini PC chassis:

5. If the drive still reports extreme temperature alerts after physically inspecting the device, check for potential faulty hardware and call Datto Technical Support for further assistance.

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