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This article describes how to troubleshoot issues with NAS RoundTrips (NAS RT). This article will cover the GUI interface as well as the command-line interface for more advanced steps.


Note the location of the identification sticker. You will need the ID number later in this process.

Figure 1: RoundTrip NAS Drive (click to enlarge)


Before starting the troubleshooting process, make sure that you have the correct physical connection between the Datto appliance and the RoundTrip NAS drive.

  • If you plan on moving the data over a switch that both the Datto and Roundtrip NAS are connected to, connect the ethernet cable to the LAN port.
  • If you plan on moving the data over a NIC to NIC connection with the Datto and the RoundTrip NAS directly connected, then connect an Ethernet cable to the NIC to NIC port on the RoundTrip NAS and the other end to an available port on the Datto. Also, attach a second ethernet cable from the LAN port on the RoundTrip NAS to a switch on the same network as the Datto. This second connect will help in troubleshooting the NIC to NIC if there are errors.

Figure 2: RoundTrip NAS rear view (click to enlarge)

If you have not already powered on the Datto NAS, turn it on.

If the NAS RT does not appear in the remote web after it has been powered on and connected, use the following command to pull up and NAS RT device.

touch /datto/config/enableRTNGNAS

This command ensures that the Datto appliance can see the RT NAS device and resolves most issues with getting the RoundTrip to show up in the Web UI.

Advanced Troubleshooting

If the steps in the previous section did not work, try these steps.

Run the rtctl command to pull up any NAS RoundTrip drives that the Datto appliance can see:

rtctl GetNASTargets

If no NAS targets are displayed, connect a keyboard, monitor, and mouse to the RoundTrip NAS. Verify that the NAS is not attempting to boot from the Kingston OS. If it is, select the Ubuntu OS and reboot the NAS.

1. Run rtctl GetNASTargets again. Note the IP address for the NAS. In Figure 3, the IP is

Figure 3: GetNASTargets

2. Access the NAS RoundTrip through ssh. Use the user root and password datto.

ssh root@[ip address]

ssh root@

3. Once you log in, run ifconfig, which will show the active NICs.

You should see eth1 or eth1: avahi adapters listed.

If the eth1 or eth1:avahi adapters are not present

4. Bring up the eth1 adapter:

ifconfig eth1 up

5. Assign a DHCP address to the eth1:avahi adapter:

dhclient eth1:avahi

6. Restart the networking service:

service networking restart

7. Restart the avahi service:

service rt-nas-autoipd restart

8. Run ifconfig again.

You are looking for the eth1:avahi address. It should be assigned a 169 address.

Figure 4: ifconfig

You should always start a RoundTrip through the Device Web interface.

If you are still having issues, contact Datto Technical Support.

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