BMR error 7005 - requires manual partition



This article offers a solution to the error "BMR error 7005 - requires manual partition" or "Error: Error Code 7005 - Failed to load destinations for .datto images" when performing a USB Bare Metal Restore with a SIRIS or ALTO device.


This error may happen when the USB Bare Metal Restore process cannot properly partition or access the target machine's drives with the Automatic or Advanced partitioning tools.


To solve the problem, follow these steps:

    1. You may manually partition the drives on the target machine before attempting to use the USB BMR so that the disk partitioning phase of the BMR process is already complete. Partitions should be created with adequate space to accommodate the volume being restored.
      To see the last recorded used space of a volume using the Datto's local web interface, sign in to the Datto device and click on the Protect link in the top menu bar, then click the Configure Agent Settings link for the appropriate agent. The volume information will be under the Volume Level Backup Control header.
    2. Once manual partitioning is complete, boot into the USB BMR environment and follow the steps until the partitioning options are displayed. For help with the BMR process, refer to the USB Bare Metal Restore process.
    3. At the formatting screen, click on Advanced Partitioning, and scroll down to the Advanced Partitioner section. The drive should reflect your manual partitioning scheme. In this example, we created one partition ("sda1") to use all available space on drive "sda":
    4. After confirming your manual partitioning was successful, click the Restore Volume drop-down. Then, select a volume to be restored to each of your manually-created partitions. Then, click the red Commit button at the top. If the currently-selected volume is an OS volume, check in the Active/Bootable option, and then click Commit. Then, confirm your settings by clicking Yes at the pop-up prompt.
    5. Once the commit completes, click on the green Continue button.
    6. After you hit Continue, the Data Transfer screen will be displayed. Proceed by following the USB BMR instructions.

Additional Information

If you are unable to partition the drives manually or require additional help with performing a BMR, please contact Datto Technical Support for assistance.

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