SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: How to stop email alerts



This article explains how to stop email alerts from either the Datto device GUI or the Partner Portal.


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO
  • Datto NAS
  • Datto Partner Portal


You can receive email alerts from both the device GUI and the Partner Portal. The device GUI alerts pertain to the individual systems being backed up on the device. such as backup and screenshot alerts. The Partner Portal alerts are related to hardware or account issues.

How to stop device GUI alerts

1. Log into the Datto Device UI.

2. Select the Protect tab to see all the systems on the device.

Figure 1: The Device GUI (click to enlarge)

3. Select Configure Agent Settings or Configure System Settings under the agent or system you want to change.

Figure 2: The Protect tab (click to enlarge)

4. Listed under Reporting & Alerting, You will see Set Email Notifications. There are five areas of email alerts: Screenshot Notifications, Weekly Backup Reports, Backup Warnings, Critical Errors, and Log Digests. Next to each email address listed, uncheck the boxes for the emails you no longer wish to receive.

setemail.pngFigure 3: Set Email Notifications (click to enlarge)

5. Click Apply to apply the setting for just the system you are currently reviewing, or Apply To All to apply the settings to every system you are backing up on the appliance.

How to Stop Partner Portal Alerts

1. Log in to the Partner Portal

2. Navigate to the Devices tab and select BCDR Status from the drop-down menu.

Figure 4: The Partner Portal (click to enlarge)

3. In this portion, all the devices under this associated account will appear. Select the device in which alerts need to be disabled.

4. In the device information card, click Device Alerts.

Figure 5: The BCDR Status screen (click to enlarge)

5. A new page will appear displaying the device's current alert settings. Enabled alerts will have a green icon in the Status column. Click the Status icon next to any enabled alert to turn it off.

device_alerts.pngFigure 6: Alert settings (click to enlarge)

To shut off all alerts to a specific email, click the X next to the listed email address that you wish to remove.

send.pngFigure 7: Remove all alerts (click to enlarge)

6. You can pause email alerts instead of just removing the email address. To pause alerts, indicate the number of days you want to pause the alerts for and click the Pause button.

Figure 8: Pause alerts (click to enlarge)

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