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This article discusses what to do when Screenshot Verification is stuck in the "queued" part of the screenshot process.

Enabling Screenshots

If screenshots are enabled but not running, see the Screenshots Enabled But Not Running section of this article.

For screenshot verification to run on the device, they need to be configured to run. You can find the screenshot verification settings in the Remote Web interface of the device through the following steps:

  1. Log into the Remote Web Interface for the device.
  2. Click the Configure tab at the top, and then click Device Settings.
  3. Check the text of the button under the Disable Screenshots section. If screenshots are enabled (not paused), the button should say Disable Screenshots as pictured below:

To check if screenshots are enabled for the individual agent, click the Protect tab at the top of the Remote Web interface.

  1. Click Configure Agent Settings on the left hand side of the desired agent
  2. Navigate to the Screenshot Verification settings under the Reporting and Alerting section.
  3. Make sure that the Schedule Options configuration is set to Last point of the day, First point of the day, or Custom Configuration.

  4. If this is set to Custom Configuration, you need to select some times for it to run.

    Screenshots Enabled But Not Running

    If the above configurations are set properly but screenshots are still not running, an active restore could be halting the process. Do the following to check for active restores:

    1. Click the Restore tab at the top of the Remote Web Interface.
    2. The top of this page will show any active restores on the device.
    3. Click the Remove Restore button to un-mount the restore.

    Make sure that the restore in question is not in use before removing. Removing the restore will completely remove it, including any changes you made to it since you started the VM.

    Once any active restores have been removed, monitor the device to make sure that screenshots are running. If they still do not run, contact Support as there might be left over restores on the back-end of the device.

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