Synchronizing a USB RoundTrip with a Datto Device



This article describes the procedure to synchronize a USB RoundTrip drive with a Datto device. For background on the RoundTrip process, see the article RoundTrip Overview.

For details on synchronizing a NAS RoundTrip with a Datto device, click here.


Connect the Datto RoundTrip drive's USB cable into an available USB port on the Datto device.

Log in to the Remote Web UI for the Datto device, and click on the Synchronize tab.

When a USB drive has been plugged into the Datto device that has 250 GB of space or more, you will see a green button that says Perform RoundTrip Sync, as shown in Figure 1. Click that button to start the process.

Figure 1 - Perform a RoundTrip Sync button

Note: When there is no USB drive plugged in it will say "Please attach a RoundTrip Drive."

You will see the RoundTrip Wizard Welcome screen, as shown in Figure 2. Click Next to continue.

Figure 2 - RoundTrip Wizard Welcome

Note: The average sync transfer speed for this process is 15MBps/120Mbps
Note: By default, the RoundTrip Wizard will pause all local backups for the duration of the RoundTrip sync.  We recommend leaving this at default, so the RoundTrip sync will complete faster and more reliably.  You may click Re-enable local-backups and snapshots to allow the Datto to continue backing up during the RoundTrip sync process.

Select the Enclosures (USB drives) you will use for the RoundTrip, as shown in Figure 3. Click Next to continue.

Figure 3 - Select Enclosures

Note: To select multiple drives for a RAID 0 across multiple drives, hold down CTRL and click on the drives.

You will see the Select Agents window, as shown in Figure 4. Select the agents and NAS Shares that you want to sync to the RoundTrip. Click Next to continue.

Figure 4 - Select Agents

If you chose Advanced Options in the previous step, then click on the Agent or NAS (on the left) to then select snapshots to sync to the RoundTrip (on the right). Click Next to continue.

Figure 5 - Advanced Options

The following table explains the icons in the Advanced Options window.

The snapshot is already offsite
The snapshot can be synchronized to the RoundTrip drive
Last snapshot to be synchronized to the RoundTrip drive
First snapshot to be synchronized to the RoundTrip drive
Matching snapshot both local and offsite required to maintain the chain offsite
Note: Double click the Lock icon to modify the range of points.

Click Start RoundTrip to have the Datto device sync the specified information to the RoundTrip drive.

Note:  Clicking Start RoundTrip will delete ALL data on the drives you selected for the RoundTrip process. It will also stop offsite syncronization, screenshots, and local backups (if not initially set) for the duration of the RoundTrip syncing process.

You will see the Confirmation window, as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6 - RoundTrip Information Confirmation

Note:  Entering an email address will send you a notification when the synchronization completes. To add multiple email addresses, separate each email address with a comma and no spaces.

Click the Start Roundtrip button to continue.

Click the Close Wizard button. The RoundTrip Wizard will then close, and the user interface on the device will update with RoundTrip is running and tell you what step it is on.

When the RoundTrip sync is finished, the left side will update the Last RoundTrip time stamp, and you will see the Start RoundTrip button.

Note: If you restart the RoundTrip process with the same drive attached, all information that had been previously synchronized to the USB drive will be deleted.

To check the status of the RoundTrip while it is running, go to the Web Interface and click the Synchronize tab. You will see a detailed status, as shown in Figure 7.

Figure 7 - RoundTrip Status

When the RoundTrip Sync has finished, send the RoundTrip drive back to Datto to have the data synchronized to the Datto Cloud. Be sure to label the drive with your support ticket number as well as either your name or reseller ID. You can find the return shipping label in the box that the RoundTrip drive came in, as shown in Figure 8. The PO # field will match the serial number of the Datto appliance that the RoundTrip was ordered for. If the label has been misplaced, check the RoundTrip policy (USA) or RoundTrip Policy (EMEA) for the shipping address.

Figure 8 - RoundTrip Return Shipping Label

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