Symlink to Unsupported Reparse Point Error When Trying to Restore a File



This articles provides troubleshooting steps to resolve the error messages "Symlink to unsupported reparse point" and "Illegal symlink: you have tried to download a symbolic link which points to a file outside of where this session permits you to browse." 


You might encounter these errors when trying to download a file from a file restore. The files will frequently display a 0KB file size.

Figure 1: Symlink to unsupported reparse point

Figure 2: Illegal symlink


These error messages can be caused when the volume you are restoring has data deduplication enabled. The volume will back up correctly, but you will be unable to use File Restore to restore deduplicated data.

To restore files from backups of these volumes, you will need to use virtualization, iSCSI Restore, or Direct Restore.

Datto does not support Windows Deduplication for file restores.


1. Verify that the volume has data deduplication enabled and then disable data deduplication on all volumes that the Datto device is backing up. This will only correct future backups, and will not change the backups from when data deduplication was enabled.

2. Mount an iSCSI restore to gather your data.

You can also mount an offline Virtual Machine for that specific point and restore the files from within the Windows environment through a virtual NAS share by following the steps in this article. This is only applicable to devices running Ubuntu 12.04.

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