Troubleshooting a Datto Appliance that Does Not Power On



This article gives troubleshooting steps to help identify Power Supply failures.

Troubleshooting steps

  1. If the device is not checking in or booting first connect a monitor, mouse, and keyboard to the system to verify what the video output is displaying.
  2. Make sure the I/O switch on the power supply has not be set to O as the Datto will not receive power.
  3. Attempt to power the device on, and listen for fans or hard drives spinning. See if the power supply fan is running. See if there are any lights on the motherboard.
  4. If you hear any beeping noises coming from the Datto create a support ticket with either a description of the sound or a recording as beeping could indicate a PSU failure in units with multiple power supplies.
  5. Verify the wall socket is not the issue by plugging the device into a different wall socket.
  6. Make sure the cord is firmly seated in the wall socket and in the power supply socket. Try a different power cord.
  7. If the device is connected to a UPS or surge protector try disconnecting it from the UPS or surge protector and then connect it to an entirely different wall socket.
  8. Check the DC power connections. Make sure the motherboard and disk drive power connectors are firmly seated and making good contact. Check for loose screws.
  9. If there are any external USB drives or peripherals attached try removing them and powering on the device again.
  10. Check ambient temperature and make sure there is adequate ventilation. If a PSU overheats, it will turn off as a fail safe.
  11. After going through the above and the power supply still appears to be to be at fault please create a Datto support ticket.


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