Hardware Upgrades: What to Expect



This article gives an overview of the process when upgrading the hardware on a Datto device.


Prior to doing any hardware upgrades, please ensure to contact Datto Technical Support for further assistance. There are specific tasks that are necessary prior and during the process in which Technical Support must do. 

When upgrading hardware on a Datto device, the process varies depending on these variables:

  • Extra hard drives to add to the array
  • Larger hard drives to swap with the smaller drives in a device
  • Extra RAM
  • CPU
  • Network card upgrade in rack-mount devices
  • Chassis
  • Power supply upgrade

There are only certain Datto devices that can be upgraded, and not all hardware upgrades are available for every device. Contact your Datto Sales Representative for further assistance.

Hardware Upgrade Process Overview

Tools Required:

  • Torx 15 Screwdriver
  • Monitor, keyboard, mouse for after hardware upgrade has been done

Once on site with the device, contact Datto Technical Support with your ticket number. The technician will walk through the entire process as well as doing steps in the backend in order to get the device up and running as soon as possible.

Since there are different types of hardware upgrades, the length of time of the upgrade varies. It varies by the size of the drives and the amount of data being transferred. For example, if hard drives are getting added or swapped, the resilvering process may take some time. Please keep this in mind when going on site and getting ready for the procedure.

After upgrading hard drives or memory sticks, use the supplied shipping label to return the old components.

10 Gigabit Fiber Network Cards

10 GbE Intel x520 fiber cards are available from the Datto sales team. You can install these cards in all SIRIS Professional, SIRIS Enterprise, and larger Datto NAS appliances. Some first-generation SIRIS models also support these cards. Contact your Datto Sales Representative to find out if you have a supported model.

When you are ready to install the card, contact Datto Technical Support for configuration assistance.

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