Gathering Diagnostic Logs for the ShadowSnap and Datto Windows Agents



This article outlines how to gather and send diagnostic logs to Datto Support for use in a support case while troubleshooting backups that use ShadowSnap or the Datto Windows Agent.


Gathering ShadowSnap (ShadowProtect) Diagnostic Logs

  1. Download the diagnostic utility
  2. Extract all contents to a folder.
  3. Run the runsupportmode.cmd Windows command script.
    • If using runsupportmode.cmd does not start the diagnostic, you can start the diagnostic directly by running spdiagnostic.exe in the bin directory.
    • It may also be necessary to runs these executables as administrator.
  4. Once the program has started, click OK and then Run the diagnostics.
  5. If you are running this on an SQL server, then click Include SQL logs and then Execute.
  6. Otherwise, just leave all default options and click Execute.
  7. Once the utility has completed its function, click Continue.
  8. Click Open the folder containing the archive (.7z file) to send to Support.
    • This folder will typically be named SPDIAGNOSTIC and located in \Program Files\StorageCraft\.
  9. Copy the following files into the folder that you just created:
    • \Program Files\StorageCraft\ShadowProtect\ShadowSnap\log\raw_agent.log
    • \Program Files\StorageCraft\ShadowProtect\ShadowSnap\log\log.txt
    • \Program Files\StorageCraft\ShadowProtect\ShadowSnap\endptconfig.sqlite3
  10. Compress the entire SPDIAGNOSTIC folder and attach it to the ticket.

Gathering Datto Windows Agent Logs

1. Collect the Windows System and Application logs

Export the Windows System and Application logs and attach them to your Datto support ticket.

2. Collect the Datto Windows Agent SQLite log

Windows Vista and up

  • Navigate to C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Datto\Datto Windows Agent\ and attach the dba.sqlite file to your support ticket.

Windows XP / Server 2003

  • Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\NetworkService\Local Settings\Application Data\Datto\Datto Windows Agent\ and attach the dba.sqlite file to your support ticket.
If you receive any 'path not found' error messages, it might be necessary to click through each folder in the path to the dba.sqlite file , starting with the C:\ drive, and respond to any User Account Control messages you receive.
Depending on your version of Windows, you may need to copy the dba.sqlite file to another location (such as the Windows Desktop) before you are able to attach it to the support ticket.


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