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This article explains the Your Shares page of the Datto NAS web interface. To get to this page, access the web interface for your Datto NAS device, and then click the Shares link.


A share's size limit on a Datto is 16 TB.
Available ZFS space for shares is calculated as the total free pool space after compression and Copy On Write reservations. All shares dynamically pull from the same pool of free space as users write data to them.

This page displays an overview of each existing share on your Datto NAS appliance.

Figure 1 - Datto NAS Shares Page

The information that is displayed for each share differs based on the type of share. Figures 2 and 3 show the information for a standard NAS share and an iSCSI share.

Figure 2 - NAS Share Info

Figure 3 - iSCSI Share Info

  • Last Successful Snapshot refers to the last time the Datto NAS backed up the share.
  • Current Interval refers to how often a snapshot is taken.
  • Connecting to your share gives you the information you need to connect to your share. You can connect to a standard NFS share with Samba, AFP, NFS, FTP or through the web, depending on how the share was configured. To connect to an iSCSI share, you must use iSCSI Initiator (or equivalent).

The information to the right side of this page also differs depending on the type of share. See the examples below.

Figure 4 - NAS Share Info

Figure 5 - iSCSI Share Info

  • Local Used refers to the total storage used on the Datto NAS for that share.
  • Visibility refers to the accessibility of the NAS Share (either Public or Private)
  • No. of Users shows the number of users who have access to said share.
  • CHAP indicates if the iSCSI target requires CHAP Authentication.

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