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This article explains the Device Spotlight View in the Partner Portal. To access this view, click the Devices menu and choose Status.


Spotlight View gives details about the selected device. This view is shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - Device Spotlight

Device Tab

This section describes the Device tab as shown in Figure 1.


Remote Web provides a link to open the device's local web console from a remote network.

remoteVNC sends a VNC URL via email entered into the task's input box for VNC access to the device from any remote location.


Local provides more of a description with regard to the icon Local Device Status.

Cloud provides more of a description with regard to the icon Offsite Sync Status.

Basic Info

Device Model shows the model type and size of the device.

Device Serial provides the device's serial number. All Datto device's serial numbers are created by copying the MAC address of the device's primary NIC as this will always be a unique value.

Local IP provides the local IP address used by the Primary NIC of the SIRIS device on the local network.

Remote IP provides the public IP address of the site where the Datto resides.

Last Complete Sync displays the last time the whole device, including all the agents and NAS Shares, were completely syncronized offsite.

Max tx Speed displays the Max Upload Speed configured in the local SIRIS web console.

Note: These values are reported in Kilobytes or Megabytes per second and not Kilobits or Megabits per second. 

Uptime of last check in displays how long the device was powered on for when it last checked in with the Datto Monitoring servers.

Device Alerts redirects to the Datto Portal alert configuration page. Click Device Level Alerts, for information on how to set them up.

Create a Support Ticket is a link to the support ticket entry form.


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