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Partner Portal - Managing Your Employees in the Partner Portal



How do I manage my employees in the Datto Partner Portal? 


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A Datto Partner Portal organization login account can create individual employee accounts. These are ideal if you have multiple employees managing and servicing Datto devices. Datto's tools share access information, so your employees can log in to each one using the same username and password.

Only use the Manage Employees page to give your employees Partner Portal access. To give your customers access to the Partner Portal, use the Manage Clients page.

Creating new employees

1. Choose the Admin tab and selecting Manage Employees.

Figure 1: Manage Employees (click to enlarge)

2. Click the Add Employees button. 

Figure 2: Add Employees (click to enlarge) 

3. Enter all relevant employee information. For the employee's role, the levels are:

  • Admin: Full account access with the exception of Account Settings. 
  • Business: Access to the Partner Store, the SaaS Store, and ability to purchase Shadow Protect licenses. Access to all Admin pages except Device Status, Device Audit, and RoundTrips. Access to Integrations, Manage Clients, and Manage Employees under the Admin tab. 
  • Tech: Access to device status information, Ticket Portal, integrations, and APIs. Tech accounts do not have access to any marketing or store features, and cannot manage employees or users.
  • Sales and Marketing: Access to marketing materials, pricing sheets, and the ability to purchase items through the store. Sales and Marketing accounts cannot manage employees or users.
To enable two-factor authentication, you must enter a phone number.

4. Click the Create Employee button. If you are creating accounts for multiple employees, check the Add another employee box to cycle to the next employee.

Figure 3: Employee information and role (click to enlarge)

5. You will receive a popup confirming the new employee's addition.

Figure 4: Add Employee confirmation (click to enlarge)

5. The new employees will get an email containing temporary credentials for login. This email will also go to the primary email address for the main Datto Resale Portal Account.

Figure 5: New Employee confirmation email (click to enlarge) 

Adding a new technician to Zendesk

1. Make a new employee account and assign them the role of Tech.

2. Have the new technician log into the Partner Portal. This creates the Zendesk account.

3. Have the technician log into Zendesk with their Datto credentials.

Editing an Existing Employee's Profile

Adjusting existing employees' access will not impact their history or their future use of the Datto Academy & Ticket Portal.

Editing an Existing Employee's Profile

1. From the Manage Employees window, click the pencil icon in line with that employee's name. This opens a screen with the employee's details.

Figure 6: Editing employees on the Manage Employees screen (click to enlarge)

2. Edit the appropriate details - email address, role, phone number - and then click Save Changes.

Figure 7: The Edit Employees modal (click to enlarge)

Changing an Existing Employee's Password

1. Password changes are self-administered. On the Partner Portal login screen, have the employee click Forgot your password? They will then receive an email with a reset link.

mceclip0.pngFigure 8: Password reset from the Employee Login screen (click to enlarge)

Deleting an Existing Employee

1. Click the wastebasket icon next to the employee's name.

2.pngFigure 9: Deleting employees on the Manage Employees screen (click to enlarge)

2. A confirmation window will pop up. Click the Delete Employee button to confirm the deletion. 

3.pngFigure 10: Employee deletion confirmation window (click to enlarge)

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