Partner Portal - Customizing Your Default Views



This article explains how you can customize your default views in the Partner Portal.

This option is not available to EMEA customers at this time.


Using the Global Section

To get started, hover over Admin and select Customize

The Global section lets you customize default options for the entire Partner Portal, which includes what you want used to identify each device as well as your portal background options. 

Using the Status Section

The Status section updates all pages associated with Datto Appliances, such as default display order, how to display the amount of total storage used, and how long to wait before highlighting an Agent's last time of local backup.

Device Sort Options

  • Device Fullness: Sorts devices storing the most amount of data to the least amount of data locally.
  • Most Agents: Sorts devices protecting the most amount of agents to the least amount of agents.
  • Expiration Date: Sorts devices with the longest expired service and ending with devices with service set to expire furthest in the future.
  • Total Offsite: Sorts devices from most used to least used storage on the Offsite Servers
  • Last Seen: Sorts devices from the most recently seen by Datto monitoring servers to the 
  • Age: Sorts devices from from newest to oldest age.
  • Alphabetical: Sorts devices by Hostname from numbers (0 - n) then A to Z.

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