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This article describes the Partner Portal Device Status page. The Status section provides a high level view of all of the Datto Devices associated with an organization. To access this page, log into the Partner Portal, and click the Status option in the Devices menu.

Figure 1 - Devices Menu


The Status section of the Datto Portal is the gateway to managing all Datto appliances remotely. Once an order for a Datto device has been processed by the Datto Build Team, it will appear on this page. Figure 2 shows the Status page.

Figure 2 - Devices Status Page

The following list is an index of the numbers shown in Figure 2. Click the links to get more information about each section.

  1. Spotlight View
  2. Search and Sort Bar
  3. Device Status Bar
  4. Device Status Expansion

Device Status Bar

This section explains the information you can find on the Device Status Bar, as shown in Figure 3. Refer to the list below to see what each indicator means.

Figure 3 - Device Status Bar

  1. Local device status indicates if there is an issue with a protected machine or the device itself. See Figure 4 for an explanation of the different icons.
  2. Offsite sync status indicates whether the device is fully synchronized with the Datto Cloud. See Figure 4 for an explanation of the different icons.

    Figure 4 - Local Device and Offsite Synchronization Icon Legend
  3. Device Hostname
  4. Device Model Number, which indicates the type of device and its size.
  5. Local and Offsite Storage Used. The local storage is shown in terms of storage space percentage and the raw amount of storage used. The offsite storage amount is updated after a snapshot is synchronized to the Cloud. The portal uses the following color-coding to indicate quota use:

    • Green - local storage raw usage less than 51%; offsite quota not exceeded
    • Orange - local storage raw usage between 51% to 80%; offsite quota exceeded
    • Red - local storage raw usage between 81% - 100%
  6. Retention Policy shows which Cloud Retention Policy the device is using.
  7. Last Time Seen by Datto's Monitoring Servers. The time usually ranges between 1 second up to 10 minutes, since devices check in with the monitoring servers every 10 minutes. By default, you will get an alert email if the device isn't seen by the monitoring servers after 20 minutes.
  8. Remote Web icon. Click on this icon to connect to the Datto device via Remote Web.

Device Indicators

A device indicator gives a quick reference of what is happening on the device. Figure 5 is an example.

Figure 5
- Device Indicator Example

Some other examples of indicators are Synchronization Status ("Syncing at 977KB"), Expiration status ("Expires Soon"), or a SMART error.

Expanded Device Status

To see more information about a device from within the Device Status page, click on the status bar.

Figure 6 - Expanded Device Status

  • Agent - This column shows both protected machines and NAS Shares. In the case of a protected machine, it shows the name of the protected machine.
  • Volume - This column shows the IP address of the protected machine, the FQDN name of the protected machine, or the name of the NAS share.
  • Offsite - This column shows the time that the snapshot was last synchronized with the Datto Cloud.
  • Local - This column shows when the protected machine was last backed up to the Datto device.
  • Backup - This column shows whether the last local backup was successful (green checkmark) or failed (red X).
  • Screenshot - For protected machines, this column shows whether the last screenshot was successful.
  • An Asterisk * next to a backup denotes that there is at least one point that is still unsynced offsite

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