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This article describes how to search and sort Devices and Agents in the Partner Portal Devices screen. To access the devices screen, log into the Partner Portal, and click the Devices menu. Then, click on Status. At the top of the page is the Search and Sort Bar, as shown in Figure 1. 

Figure 1 - Search and Sort Bar

You can search and sort either By Device or By Agent.

Searching and Sorting

To search by device, enter search criteria in the box. This box searches by Hostname and Serial number of the Datto device. To search by Agent, click the By Agent tab.

To sort by device, choose what you wish to sort by: Device Capacity, Most Agents, Expiration Date, Total Offsite, Last Seen, Age, Alphabetical (by device name), Client Name. To change the default sorting method, go to the Admin menu and click Customize.

The Reset button resets the search criteria.

Show/Hide Hidden

This button allows you to specify if the device needs to be listed in the portal. One might want to hide a device from the main list because it is decommissioned, it has been replaced, it is not monitored, etc.

Note: This feature is not available when view the Status by Agent.

To Hide a Device:

  1. Click the Show Hidden button. Show Hidden button then changes to Hide Hidden.
  2. You will see a button called Shown. Click Shown to change the button to Is Hidden.
  3. Click the Hide Hidden button, the button changes back to Shown. Hidden and the devices you selected to hide are gone from the portal.

To Show a Device:

  1. Follow Step 1 from "To Hide a Device".
  2. A button will populate, next to the device to be shown, called Is Hidden. Click Is Hidden to change the button to Shown.
  3. Follow Step 3 from "To Hide a Device".

Figure 2 - Hiding a device

Toggle Agents

Toggle Agents expands or contracts all devices' Device Status bars to display (or not display) the Device Status Expansion bars associated with each device.

Note: This feature is not available when viewing the Status by Agent.

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