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This article answers common questions about Datto Academy.

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Datto Academy

How do I access Datto Academy?

Why can’t I log in?

Can I still access the content that was in the old academy?

Why is the name that appears in Datto Academy different than mine?


How do I access Datto Academy?

Go to academy.datto.com and use your personal Partner Portal credentials.

You also can access it from the Partner Portal itself by clicking the Academy button at the top of the page.

Why can’t I login?

Check your URL. If you see datto.docebosaas.com in the URL, you may still need a username created in the new instance of Academy. Navigate to academy.datto.com to create one and then log in using your Partner Portal credentials. If you are still unable to log in, email teaching@datto.com.

Can I still access the content that was in the old Datto Academy?

Yes. All the technical content was moved to the Knowledge Base. You can access the Knowledge Base from the Partner Portal by selecting Support > Knowledge Base.

Why is the name that appears in Datto Academy different than mine?

It's possible you logged in with an organization username instead of your own. If you feel that your credentials are correct, email teaching@datto.com and let us know what's happening.

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